Pay ALL of your staff a Living Wage

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Pay ALL of your staff a Living Wage

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Joel Sharples started this petition to Premier League

The Premier League just secured a record breaking £5.14 BILLION by selling the TV rights to their matches.

However, these staggeringly wealthy football clubs still pay some of their employees less than the minimum amount needed to cover the cost of living in the UK, which is currently £9.15 per hour in London and £7.85 outside.

It would take these staff 13 years to earn as much as some top players earn in a week!

Do these clubs seriously expect us to believe that they can’t afford to pay their staff – who provide essential services such as cleaning, catering and stewarding – the basic amount needed to ensure a decent quality of life for them and their families?

The Chief Executive of the Premier League, Richard Scudamore, recently indicated that he had no intention of taking action to make sure that clubs distribute their wealth equally amongst all those that make football matches possible.

I am calling on Scudamore to change his mind about clubs’ obligations to their employees. I am asking him to take the lead on this issue by making the Premier League an accredited Living Wage employer and set an example to the 20 other clubs.

As a campaigner with Football Beyond Borders, a charity that uses the power of football to tackle inequality, and as a football fan, I am particularly dismayed to hear about Scudamore’s current position.

Football Beyond Borders is part of a Living Wage Football coalition led by Citizens UK. So far we have been supporting grassroots campaigns at different Premier League clubs but now it’s time for the Premier League to lead by example.

Just a small fraction of the new TV money could ensure that every member of staff at the Premier League and its clubs earns a Living Wage.

Instead of inflating the already astronomical wages of players, agents and chief executives; this windfall should go towards the hardworking staff that struggle to pay the rent and put food on the table.

Sign the petition to tell Richard Scudamore which option you’d prefer!

Spread the word with the hashtag #LivingWageFootball

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This petition had 73,656 supporters

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