Personal services should be reopened for business in Alberta!

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On December 13, 2020 the government of Alberta issued a mandatory, minimum 4 week shutdown of personal services. This includes hair, nails, tattoos & professional body piercing to list only a few of the services closed down.

The majority of these services are a contract or self employment based line of work, and are small businesses that suffered the first 3 month shut down from March to June and came back to work to deal with supply shortages and steep supply price increases, only to be shut down a second time.

These services are held to high standards of cleanliness to prevent cross contamination and transmission of far worse disease than covid 19, yet they were shut down despite (in the words of our government) zero cases of covid transmission within their establishments.

These service providers are all very able to control foot traffic in their space, and wear appropriate PPE properly while within 2m of their clients; unlike the malls and big box stores that remain open and blatantly disregard and/or can’t control foot traffic to the mandated 15% capacity, nor can they ensure 2m distance between patrons.

The services we provide feed, shelter and clothe our families, and they are equally important to our customers who consider it self care.

We are some of the safest establishments to have open and should be allowed to continue operating.