Stop the privatisation of Government Disability Services. Please don't abandon our most vulnerable citizens.

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Who will care for the people that the private sector reject, once the government abandons disability services?

The NSW Government intends to hand over all responsibility for the provision of services to people with disabilities to the private sector, including for-profit organisations.  Not only will this leave the sector without the current protection, accountability and continuation of setting and maintaining standards that Ageing Disability and Home Care (ADHC) provides, it will leave the sector without a safety net.  Undoubtedly it will also cause enormous disruption and uncertainty to the lives of existing clients with intellectual disabilities who are ill-equipped to handle change, and potentially sever long term relationships with dedicated and experienced staff, who are considered by many clients as family.

Whilst many non-government organisations (NGO)s provide quality services, ADHC has historically been the provider of last resort, taking on the more difficult clients when NGOs are unwilling or unable to provide services for them.  Although the question regarding the future care of those whom NGOs reject has been put forward to government on numerous occasions, a satisfactory answer has not been forthcoming.

The future of respite centres is unclear beyond 2016, when the full commencement of privatisation of government services will take place.  Parents rely on centre based respite to enable them to continue to care for their family member at home, and the uncertainty is causing enormous stress and anxiety.

Services are already being cut which is impacting on families, and the lack of transparency regarding the disposal of government assets should be of concern to the community at large.

Urgent action is needed to prevent further decline in services.  Please sign and share this petition to stop a vital government service being abandoned, and be a voice for the many vulnerable poeple who need your support. 

The recent exposure by ABC 4 Corners of the shocking abuse of people with disabilites occurring in one of the largest private disability service providers makes it all the more important that government retain a role in the disability sector.


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