Cages are cruel....Be human with animals

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This is not about you and me but about teaching our children the value of freedom!! It is about being kind and concerned for those who can't speak their pain and frustration.

No other time, then current lockdown can make us understand what is it like to live in cages. How would it feel to loose the freedom to move out,meet people and choose how and where to spend our time. Just imagine! if we were locked in our homes forever and that too with no choose our food.

Yes.. there are such souls who suffer in silence..........THE ANIMALS AND BIRDS IN ZOOs.

In these digital and social media times, with so many informative channels on wildlife and easy access to wildlife reserves/conserved forests, Do we really need ZOOs for our infotainment? Do we need to make animals and birds suffer because we think our children will learn about their habitation by seeing them in cages??? We anyways know that the ZOOs are nowhere near their natural habitat.

Will it not be best that the government closes the ZOOs, liberate the animals and birds and develop more wildlife reserves or huge zoos where cages are not needed...Places where we can watch animals and birds in their natural environment.

Please sign the petition and we forward it to our minister Shri Prakash Javadekar requesting to close down the ZOOs and develop more wildlife reserves where we can enjoy the beings of nature in nature.