Justice for the pregnant Elephant.

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We want Justice! 

Recently a pregnant elephant died in karela because of the people who fed it a pineapple stuffed with Firecrackers/explosives.

In fact we should better call it a murder. The pregnant elephant was murdered by humans who allegedly deceived her by offering pinapple stuffed with Firecrackers that exploded in her mouth and led her to die. This is against humanity and any intentional killing is murder. She didn't harm anyone neither she any damage to properties. She trusted humans that led to the death of 2 lives as said by forest official. India is a place where we refer to elephant as lord Ganesha! We pray many animals but no one prays for animals! 

Action must be taken against those who are the reason for her and her unborn child's death. Animal abuse happens because we rarely take actions. Animals should be treated equally and equal punishments should be given to one who is reason for her death. People often do such brutal things to animals because they feel it as a crime. This will continue unless the appropriate action isn't taken. We want justice for the Pregnant elephant because every life matters.