Continue saving feline lives through CCU's spay-neuter

Continue saving feline lives through CCU's spay-neuter

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Community Cats United (India) better known as CCU is a phenomenal group of volunteers who devote their time, energy and very often... personal funds as well to reduce feline overpopulation and minimize human-animal conflict, especially in urban areas. For some reason, due to some apparently mischievous and misleading communication with the authorities by some people, they are being asked to shut down. 

In just over 3 years, they have managed to sterilize 1700+ cats. With thorough research and collaborations with some of the best vets in the city, they have made a huge difference to the lives of felines around. 

They use humane traps to trap feral cats, sterilize them through their vets, and return them to their original territory to lead happy and healthy lives. Considering cats can reproduce thrice a year, every single cat sterilized is a huge boost to the quality of life that these feline creatures ought to have. Unfortunately, because the cats are feral, sometimes they do have underlying health conditions, which can cause complications during post-operative care. Nevertheless, due to the team's obsession with safety, they have been able to restrict the number of post-op deaths to 11. They feel the same sense of loss for every life lost, and despite the number being less than 0.7%, the life of a cat isn't just a number to them. They grieve for each such life and pore over research and documentation to focus on bringing the number down to zero.

To reduce human-animal conflict and cases of cruelty, as well as to improve the health of community animals, an organized sterilization campaign like the run by CCU is the need of the hour. Not only ferals, but even domestic companion cats have benefitted through the experience of Aaron, Sandhya, and Ashika, and a lot of people who would have found sterilization impossible to achieve, considering the finances, have been able to ensure the health and safety of their cats.

Not only that, by training and employing Vaishali, an underprivileged member of society for post-operative care and other logistics, they have shown how they are also committed to improving human lives as well through their endeavours.

I entreat you to support the CCU team and enable them to not only carry on working selflessly, but to use your strength as an animal advocate to replicate or scale up the model in other cities.

Let's not reach a stage where we see mass killings or poisoning of cats as a solution, like what some developed nations seem to be doing.