Release U.S. Servicemen currently held captive in Southeast Asia before it's too late

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Release U.S. Servicemen currently held captive in Southeast Asia before it's too late

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Mr. President, do what no other president has had the courage or ability to do and that is negotiate the release of the POWs who remain in Laos.  Do not give any more aid until the Laotian government reciprocates and releases the POWs.  Make the deal and let them know if they release the POWs there will be no recriminations.

My husband, USAF Col. David L. Hrdlicka, was shot down in Laos on May 18, 1965 and has been a POW for 52 years. He was well documented in captivity and has not been returned.  For more detailed information about my husband or other servicemen left behind visit and

The Peace Accord was signed 43 years ago, since then Laos and Vietnam have become our trading partners.  Now is the time to show courage and integrity in bringing the loyal servicemen home.T

The POW flag says “You will not be forgotten” but that is exactly what has happened to the men left in the enemy's hands; they have been forgotten and ignored by mainstream media. The POW families have suffered decades of emotional abuse and being lied to by the inept Department of Defense, tasked with doing the investigations.  

The time has come to appoint a special investigative commission outside of the traditional government agencies to investigate without prejudice or preconceived notions. Surprisingly, Senator John McCain and former Secretary of State, John Kerry have proven themselves to be obstructionists to the POW families. For example during the 1992 Select Committee Hearings on POW/MIAs, overwhelming evidence was presented that men were left alive in captivity. However, the committee was shut down, without ever fully investigating what actually happened to the unreturned POWs.  It appears, the committee’s sole purpose was to establish closure so normalization with Vietnam could be accomplished, not finding the truth which the families deserved.  The Committee's failure to follow up on the fate of our loved ones is inexcusable and bordering on criminal.  The American people deserve an honest investigation, one that does not include individuals such as Senator John McCain or John Kerry who have already proven the lack of commitment to our service members or their families. 

For the sake and protection of future generations of military service members the practice of leaving captured men and women in the hands of the enemy must end.  Stop the injustice to our loyal servicemen and women.  It is time to tell the truth about the men we left behind and get them released.  Men captured at the end of the war in their twenties would now only be in their sixties.

Carol Hrdlicka, wife of Col. David L. Hrdlicka


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