Poole & Bournemouth Tourism stop promoting cruel greyhound racing

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We are asking Poole tourism to stop promoting Poole greyhound stadium.

Greyhound racing is responsible for the exploitation, abuse & deaths of thousands of greyhounds every year.

At Poole stadium in 2018 there were 1,200 incidents resulting in many serious injuries, these incidents included - 

1044 collisions

81 greyhounds fell

9 finished their race lame

36 hit the rails

30 greyhounds were unable to finish their race.


Poole greyhound trainers have been disciplined by the industrys regulatory body for doping greyhounds - the drugs in these Poole racing dogs included - Barbiturates, Steroids, Diuretics, Codeine, Diazepam, Morphine

Out of 23 UK greyhound tracks, Poole is consistently within the first 5 most dangerous track, i.e a track with the highest number of incidents. Many greyhounds are euthanised due to the injuries they have sustained.

GBGB (Greyhound Board of Great Britain) figures show 1,100 racing greyhounds  were killed and 4,837 were injured as a direct result of greyhound racing in 2017 alone. The greyhound racing industry is self regulated & these figures could be grossly underestimated because the GBGB, are not independently audited.

Dogs can be legally killed on economic grounds and not necessarily by a vet.

It is a requirement that every greyhound stadium has a freezer to store the dead dogs, an indication that deaths are anticipated.

We are asking Poole tourism to stop advertising Poole greyhound stadium, in doing so they are condoning the cruelty & exploitation of greyhounds inherent within the industry.