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Polygamy enslaves women. Make it illegal World Wide.

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Countries where polygamy is legal also have high rates of child abuse, gendercide, low literacy,child and female rape. Consequent to the lessening of the rights of one class of individuals, the areas that oppress women as a matter of law and/or indifference are second and third world. Many of these countries have more men than women because of the low value of women. One of a thing usually has more value than the same thing twice. Chinese kill their female fetuses to the point they now have 30,000,000 more men that women. Pakistan, as a result of a general belief in the superiority of men now have a similar difference in that men outnumber women.

Recently I wrote an ebook titled Polygamy, the Truth at I have a forward which is a free download off the site titled Polygamy and Violations of Women's Human Rights. I don't write this to sell my book but to let you know that Women's Human Rights and polygamy are of considerable interest to me.

A. LeBaron

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