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Countries where polygamy is legal also have high rates of child abuse, gendercide, low literacy,child and female rape. Consequent to the lessening of the rights of one class of individuals, the areas that oppress women as a matter of law and/or indifference are second and third world. Many of these countries have more men than women because of the low value of women. One of a thing usually has more value than the same thing twice. Chinese kill their female fetuses to the point they now have 30,000,000 more men that women. Pakistan, as a result of a general belief in the superiority of men now have a similar difference in that men outnumber women.

Recently I wrote an ebook titled Polygamy, the Truth at I have a forward which is a free download off the site titled Polygamy and Violations of Women's Human Rights. I don't write this to sell my book but to let you know that Women's Human Rights and polygamy are of considerable interest to me.

A. LeBaron

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
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President of the United States
Polygamy violates Human Rights. Females raised in polygamy are taught from the cradle they are inferior and with fewer rights than males. Wives are allowed less opportunity to improve themselves and their value lies in the number of children they bear and
the degree in which the husband is pleased. This is the general state of polygamy in this country and any country where polygamy is part of a culture.

Polygamy is illegal in the U.S, consequently the large majority of women are protected against its ravages. Particularly in second and third world countries where polygamy is the norm you see an incredible abuse of females and children.

Australia, Canada, Britain and the U.S. have increasing numbers of polygamous Muslims entering their countries. There are Christian polygamist who are trying to legalize polygamy in the U.S. There are the Fundamentalist (offshoots on the Mormons, but NOT Mormons) that practice polygamy and the rape of teenage girls with impunity.

The Muslims believe in the right to beat their wives. The Fundamentalist believe in their right to marry underage girls. The Christian Polygamy movement target women with children who do not have husbands. The absurdity of offering oneself as a husband to an additional wife is that this planet currently has a population of men that exceeds that of women. Men in advocating polygamy actually limits their potential of having a wife. Killing off young females as a practice, such as in polygamous Pakistan, lessens the chance of a man getting a wife.

Understand that I fully agree with an individual's right to have a religion of their choice and participate in that religion freely. It is a Human Right. But when a religion takes away as a common exercise, the rights of certain individuals and traditionally breaks the law in the name of religion, then that group forfeits those religious rights. A religion should uplift ALL its members, encouraging those persons to fulfill their dreams unfettered by superstition and discrimination. Polygamy allows one race (males) to legally have the upper hand on another race (females).

Muslim polygamist in Britain are not abiding by the same laws exacted of other British citizens because Muslim law allows a husband to beat his wives. We cannot afford to ignore the violation of Human Rights and excuse beating another person in the name of religion. Or turning aside and ignoring the female abuse in our own country or any other. Human Rights are a must in every country. Without the recognition of the rights of women being equal to a man's everywhere, there will be slavery and abuse of women and children.

Minimally, polygamy should be acknowledged for what it is, the degradation of females (and consequently the men as well). It should not be recognized or condoned as a religious practice any more than torture of the members of one's family would be condoned.

In summation: Any country where polygamy is legal is also a country where females have fewer rights than do males. It would appear that a country's rise to greater heights is dependent upon greater individual freedom for all, not just a select group. This is borne out in the fact that countries where polygamy is illegal are more modern, technically advanced above their polygamous neighbors, have more respect for the rights of the individuals, have more opportunities for all, are more charitable and have higher literacy rates.


A. LeBaron