Political Candidates Are Asked To Be Responsive to Emails Using a Team of Volunteers

Political Candidates Are Asked To Be Responsive to Emails Using a Team of Volunteers

August 5, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Stanley Pokras

We respectfully ask all political candidates to establish a direct email address for voters to share their ideas and questions with the campaign.

This is how campaigns can engage voters with mutual LOVE and respect, voter to voter...

Candidates can offer an email address on every appeal and every piece of marketing material. (for example: info@campaign.org)

Think about this: it's not money that wins elections, it's VOTES!

I'm petitioning you, the reader of this petition. Please sign this petition if you want all those email appeals you get, and the messages you see on the Internet, TV, and billboards to include a RESPONSE email address where people can comment and ask questions of the candidate's campaign and actually get a pertinent response!

Using software called Customer Relation Managers (CRM) a campaign can have a team from a few to hundreds of volunteers answering emails from their own homes. The answers should be aligned with the candidate's intentions and promises by passing the inquiry up the campaign's structure to senior staff or the candidate for approval.

The campaign platform should provide the volunteers with custom campaign email addresses.

Some replies could be a direct message from the candidate with the volunteer able to continue the interaction on the candidate's behalf. Personal responses when possible would be the BEST.

The volunteers can work their own hours and choose to interact with only one potential voter or many.

The opportunity to interact with a campaign will make the political process more personal. People who would otherwise sit out an election will find that they can receive the attention they deserve. And if this is done all across the country, millions of people will offer their vote for the candidate that acknowledges their email.

As millions of people sign this petition, politicians running for office will be reminded that it's not money that wins elections, it's VOTES!

By signing this petition, you are giving your approval to the idea that politicians should be more RESPONSIVE to their public if they want lots of VOTES.

Your signature on this petition will signify that you want this change in political campaigns. And that you want candidates to get more VOTES.

Let's all share this idea with thousands of campaigns and millions of voters across the nation.

Yours in democracy,

Stan Pokras






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Signatures: 271Next Goal: 500
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