Prevent Pro-Rape RooshV Events in the UK

Prevent Pro-Rape RooshV Events in the UK

1 February 2016
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Started by Katie Pruszynski

Warning: This petition contains content about violence against women

RooshV is a militant pro-rape advocate who bills himself as a Pick-Up Artist. Already known and reviled in the USA and Canada, he is bringing his "Tribal Meetings" to over 40 countries this weekend, including known events in the UK.

He encourages men to ignore when a woman says "no", he believes rape inside private property should be legal and he routinely refers to women as "the enemy".  He believes sexual gratification is a man's right, wilfully disregarding the issue of consent.

He has organised the meet-ups, promoted through his website, so that he are so that 'like-minded' men can come together to discuss and learn more about these ideas. They have agreed to meet in public places and by local landmarks. Only straight men will be allowed to attend.  

He has threatened (and incited his misogynist army of followers to do likewise) any women or man protesting the event with "furious retribution". He asks protesters to be filmed and promises to set his "anti-feminist" mob to "tear them up" as punishment for standing against violence towards women.

You can read more about his ideas and the events here in the Independent. 

We will not accept this form of terror against women. Pro-Rape advocates directly threaten our safety and normalise the abuse of women and girls. 

We will not accept him or his views in the UK.

We have seen action taken on this issue before. A petition on this site successfully contributed to the banning of Julien Blanc from entering the UK because he held similar views. We must act again now and stop these misogynistic, dangerous events from taking place. 

We call on the Police to take all available action in this case to prevent these meetings taking place. Failing to do so will devalue any pledges to end violence against women and girls.

Please act.

The events are taking place across the UK, known events are happening in these cities:


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This petition had 92,036 supporters

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