Maintain a log of recovered COVID patients to request blood donations for Plasma Therapy.

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India, like many parts of the world is going through unprecedented times during this COVID pandemic. While some countries have been able to control the spread, India has recently taken a turn for worse. As of this petition, a total of ~12,000 people around the country were tested COVID positive in a day. With a mortality rate of 5.4%, this accounts for approximately 650 deaths a day or approximately 1 death every 2 minutes. With no cure in sight and no lockdown in place, this number sadly is only going to increase.  

Though research is still going on, some procedures have shown positive results in helping critically ill COVID patients. One such procedure is called the Convalescent Plasma Therapy that involves harvesting the antibodies from a recovered patients and transfusing it into a critically ill patient (as mentioned on This medical procedure is supported by many states in India and more recently was given green signal by the government of the NCT of Delhi.

Recently, a few of my friend's family members have been tested positive for the Coronavirus. In some of these scenarios where the situation is critical, hospitals in Delhi have been recommending plasma therapy provided the family of the patient can procure the blood of a recovered patient. This is something that might be happening in other states as well. My friends have been sharing posts on social media, calling to find contacts and putting in all the efforts they can to find and request blood donations from recovered patients. I am certain many of you would have come across at least one such scenario in your contacts. The inability to be of any physical support to your ill parent/child/sibling along with the hassle of finding a recovered patient with the same blood type for blood donation can be exhausting and depressing for the family members.

This petition is to request all State Governments and the Central Government of India to take the initiative to keep a log of all the recovered patients with relevant medical details that are eligible for blood donation. This log can be used by either the family or the hospital/government (for privacy reasons) to contact recovered patients easily to request blood donations. This would avoid the unnecessary and sometimes futile attempts of family members trying to find recovered patients through personal contacts and social media posts, and save days that can be a matter of life and death for the patient. Sign Now

This petition is specifically for requesting initiatives from:

  • Honourable Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Dr. Harsh Vardhan
  • Honourable Health Minister of Delhi, Dr Satyendra Kumar Jain and Chief Minister, Mr Arvind Kejriwal
  • All state ministers where Plasma Therapy has been approved for trial and such a log of recovered patients is not maintained

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