Form National Lion Commision which includes Asiatic Lion Scientist & locals to gir forest

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Asiatic Lions should be curated and well studied by High Level Commision directly reports to Prime Minister's office like it was for tiger, National Tiger Commision with member included from Asiatic Lion Experts, Local Experts too who are well known to local condition of Gir Forest.

Main purpose of this commission should be

  1. To create world-wide awareness by performing detail scientific study about Asiatic Lions, their coexistence with maldharis(Herders living inside national park) which are only available in Gir Forest, Gujarat .
  2. Their long-term breeding program and preserving or creating new alternative habitat to accommodate their increasing population.
  3. It should also focus on Lion Tourism and Infrastructure development into surrounding area of gir forest, so that it can bring enough foreign exchange plus enough jobs for local people so they can be motivated and included into lion conservation program.
  4. Scientifically probe death of each lions and build database for cause of death so that actions can be taken on avoidable causes.
  5. Show seriousness in punishing offenders of wildlife act or making laws more stricter with heavy punishments or fine on harassing lions or organising lion shows.

This Commission is needed to identify their natural habitats as their populations are increasing and they are roaming around national park rather than inside, that causes changes into their natural behaviour. The Commission needs local people to be included, who know the ground realities and problems specific to local condition of Gir national park and asiatic lions. 

Let's sign petition to build scientific approach in saving and help flourishing our unique Asiatic Lions which are only available in India in entire world.