PM Imran Khan please respect court orders regarding revival of PMDC and its employees.

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PMDC has been the regulatory body for the practice of medicine and dentistry in Pakistan since 1962. It employs 220 staff across Pakistan. Last year the current government tried to make many changes in the organization; but due to the nature of its plans the government could not get it passed through the parliament.

The government then unilaterally and illegally bypassed the parliament; and on 20th Oct, 2019 promulgated Pakistan Medical Commission Ordinance 2019. The manner in which it has been promulgated and the subsequent actions that have been taken by the Pakistan Medical Commission that was constituted as a result have been declared as a fraud with the Pakistan's constitution by a learned Islamabad High Court Judge. His detailed judgement is available here:

The court orders of 11th Feb, 2020 clearly confirm that the PMDC stands revived and all of its 220 employees who were dismissed on 20th Oct, 2019 (a Sunday) are reinstated.

The government instead of complying with the court orders filed an appeal to instantly dismiss the court orders; the appeal has been rejected by the Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court and now the case is due to be heard on 12th March, 2020.

Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), Young Doctors Associations (YDA) all have publicly condemned abolition of PMDC. The government current decision is not only adversely impacting 220 families of PMDC employees; thousands of Doctors and Medical students within Pakistan and abroad in the sort term and general public of over 200 million in the long term.

Prior to IHC decision even Supreme Court SC observed in Feb 2020 that: It seemed the PMC “has been established to provide benefit to private medical and dental colleges”.

Please see the video in which Dr Ramesh Kumar who is from PTI and has been on the federal health committees in the past stating that he informed the PM that PMC is a bigger mistake than PMDC:

In addition to above the PMC passes all regulatory powers to the medical colleges and universities themselves which will lead to rapid deterioration of medical standards in Pakistan. Private Medical colleges under the ordinance have been given a free hand to charge whatever fees they like. Colleges which didn’t meet the minimum standards before for registration are able to do so under PMC.

SC in 2007 held that PMDC regulatory regime at the centre is a must to ensure uniform minimum standard of basic and higher medical and dental education and to maintain a national register and protocols of practice of medicine at the national level in the country. PLD 2007 SC 323.

PMDC has never been a loss making organization and has managed all its expenses without any cost to the tax payers; where as there are so many other organizations in Pakistan that are costing huge annual losses that run into billions of Rs and yet they have not been closed down or all their employees made jobless.

The objective of this online petition is to urge the current government in general and Prime Minister Imran Khan in particular to review their unjust decision. PMDC is a Pakistani institution and all its existing employees are Pakistanis. The government is more than welcome to work with the organization to introduce any positive reforms; but dissolving just one organization in the entire country, firing all its employees without any valid justification can certainly not be an act of a government which aims to make Pakistan a state akin to Raisatey Medina.

PM Imran Khan statements in an TV interview last year implied that a wise man can and should review his decisions when he realises that a wrong decision has been made or that a better way/plan could be adopted. We therefore request the PM to please reconsider his stance on this matter.

Please sign this online petition and support the just cause for the welfare of everyone not only PMDC and its employees. Share it on all social platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp etc for maximum exposure.

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