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Help us continue the work of The Green Funeral Cairns

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The Green Funeral creates Flora & Fauna Habitat.
We create natural space for your enjoyment.
We operate Landcare programs.
We do this in partnership with Local and National Government.

We provide the public with a final resting place for their family pet,
where each headstone is a living tree,
contributing toward the creation of a forest. 

Our pet burial sites do not to look like cemeteries and they never will, they look like forests.
As forests these areas are intended to be enjoyed by the public as a natural landscape,
and by native Australian animals as a safe habitat.

When something good and is held up with government procedure at the expense of common sense what do you do. Well for the last 12 months or so the world has been witnessing the power of people who are sick of politics interfering with expediency.

The Green Funeral needs your help.

9 years after the Cairns Mayor Val Shier, the council C.E.O, the Manager of Works and Councillor Sno Bonneau, followed by a full meeting of Council, gave the Green Funeral the go ahead, a council employee, has decided that “Boxes needed to be ticked” and weren’t.
So our business of creating and repairing Flora & Fauna habitat will be on hold until a resolution is found.
Fortunately Councillors Richie Bates and Brett Olsen are 100% behind the environmental care objectives of “The Green Funeral” and want additional space allocations to be resumed immediately.
To do this they need your help. So, if you believe our service is important, then it would be appreciated if you could contact your friends and ask them to email the above-mentioned councillors with the following message or a message of their own.



The message:

Hello my name is XXXXXX and I live in the SUBURB. I understand that the Cairns Flora & Fauna habitat initiatives run by The Green Funeral, with their Pet Burial Service, is on hold. I am disappointed in the actions of council in respect of this service to the public, and would like to see it reinstated as soon as possible.

In March this year, Stephen Hawking announced that we have about 100 years left to get humans onto another planet, and he cited care for our environment as one of the reasons.
I haven’t given up on this world, which is why “The Green Funeral” business was initiated by me, Rod Putna as a way of putting something good back into a world that has given me a wonderful life. Its objective is to create Flora & Fauna Habitat without the need for government funding. It was developed as a means of showing that environmental issues could be addressed by being smart, rather than the government way of throwing our money at the issue.
The seed that was to grow into The Green Funeral began as a chance meeting with Steve Erwin. He pointed out that I consistently used the words “they” and “someone” when talking about addressing global warming and environmental degradation issues. He went on to point out that to make a difference we all must start using the words “I” and “we”.
So I created the business model for a self-funding means of addressing environmental issues.
Where the Green Funeral provides an emotionally superior, cheaper product to the public, at a price that will always be the cheapest responsible option. A by-product of this service is the creation of Flora and Fauna habitat. Because our objective is “Self Funding” not “profit” our prices have not changed in 9 years, and will not change.
We take the life force which is the family pet and turn it into a living tree, using the circle of life.
Let’s start using the word “I” and “we”, and help Richie and Brett do their job.


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