Please Stop Delivery of Unwanted Phonebooks in Oregon

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Every year 8.3 million phonebooks are delivered to Oregon's 3.1 million residents, whether we want one or not. They clutter our entryways, litter the street, and find their way from the doorstep to the landfill, and less often the recycling bin.

The production, delivery and disposal of unwanted phonebooks harms the environment, burdens Waste Management, and costs State, County and City taxpayers millions every year. 

We had a bill in the Oregon legislature - Senate Bill 525 which would have moved Oregon to an opt-in system for phonebooks.  For more information and talking points for 2013, please visit

The Oregon House needs to move this legislation forward!

This will lead to phonebook companies only delivering phonebooks to people who request a copy!

SB 525 died in the Business, Transportation and Economic Development Committee in 2011.  San Francisco has banned phonebooks and has set the pace - what are we waiting for in Oregon?

This petition is having an effect. Look for changes soon in the Portland Metro area. Also, this legislation will be brought forward by the House in 2013 - stay tuned, and find us on FB at