COVID-19: Students in Kitchener-Waterloo Need Financial Support for Rent in Spring 2020

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Due to the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, the University of Waterloo and the  Wilfrid Laurier University have officially notified that all courses and exams for Spring 2020 (May- Aug 2020) would take place online; the majority of the buildings on campus would be closed; students were not required to be on campus to complete classes. 

With limited resources available on campus, my roommate and I plan not to stay in the student housing. However, the continuing lease in Waterloo becomes a financial and mental burden for us. The rent has always been the main expense that we afford for easier access to the campus, but in Spring 2020, we have to keep paying for it even though the campus is closed. Besides, there is significant difficulty subletting the rental unit.

I sincerely appreciate a waive or other forms of financial support for covering the student housing rent.

Please sign the petition to tell the City of Kitchener-Waterloo and the landlords in KW that we need a favor to ease the financial burden from rent during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.