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Pritam was a brilliant student who wanted to do something for his nation. He was very studious, a M.Sc in Physics and was researching into complex theories in Physics relating to Atomic Physics, Astro Physics, God Particle and so much more. He was going to Delhi to pursue his Phd in Delhi University under the guidance of a professor who had invited him to have a discussion.

  But he could never finish his journey and his wishes could never be fulfilled. He was being killed, for nothing! His only mistake was perhaps that he boarded the Delhi bound Avadh Assam Express which passes through the most dangerous criminal prone areas of Bihar. When he bought his ticket for the train he never thought that he was buying his death.

  Pritam was being harassed by the goons who boarded the train somewhere in Bihar. He was not the only one to be harassed but one of the several people who were being troubled by those goons. Later they snatched his bag when he tried to protest and follow them with reasonable caution. He complained to the authorities (GRP and TTE) but they did not show any interest to help him. In the meantime he had missed the train which stops only for 2 minutes. Although he did not have any intention of pursueing this any further at that moment, the goons had threatened him of dire consequences because he complained to the police and 2 of them were waiting in the station. Post that, they kidnapped him, tortured him for 5 long days and then killed him. His dead body was found in a mutiliated condition with multiple marks of torture, his throat slit into two parts. As his body was being thrown in the tracks, further damage to the body happened.

  All throughout the police had been silent spectators and could not do anything. His relatives had reached Naugachia in the second day of his disappearance but the police could not track him down, although they could have done a lot. It seems like either they are incapable of performing their duties or are unwilling to do so due to certain other obvious considerations.

  Pritam's parents who lost their only child are under complete shock and are not able to recover yet. Pritam did not deserve to die like this. This incident was very tragic and should not happen with anyone else. All his relatives are deeply aggrieved by this incident. But they are determined to take forward this fight against the govt. and inefficient Bihar Police and GRP.

  In Bihar, the crime in railways is very grave and serious and most of the times it is not being accounted for. In this case, Pritam had made a call to his parents before the incident took place and narrated the whole incident and hence we are aware of it. In Naugachia itself, 5 people were being killed in a short period of 20 days before the murder of Pritam and this still continues.

  The police still remains clueless. There has been numerous protests across the country, thousands of people have come out in the streets. Yet, the Bihar Govt. is not able to find the criminals.

  We strongly believe that the Bihar Police will not be able to nab the criminals and hence demand a time bound CBI Enquiry by specialist officers. We also want inquiry into the role of the authorities in the case.

  Our other demands are installation of CCTV cameras in all crime prone railway stations in Bihar as well as the trains passing through them. Alarms should be installed in trains with adequate security personnel ready to attend to the passenger's complaints, an immediate help line number and registration of FIRs in the train.

  Please help us in this campaign of getting Justice for Pritam and making railways safer for you so that you do not have to lose a Pritam from amongst your friends and family. Help us by signing this petition. For further information please join our facebook page -

Letter to
Prime MInister of India Manmohan Singh
Director General of Police, Bihar Abhayananda
Chief Minister of Assam Tarun Gogoi
and 7 others
Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar
Governor of Bihar Devanand Konwar
Railway Minister of India Mukul Roy
Home Minister of India Sushil Kumar Shinde
Chief Justice of India S H Kapadia
President of India Pranab Mukherjee
Director General of Police, Assam J N Choudhury
This petition is on behalf of the parents of Pritam who have lost their sole child, his relatives who have lost such a wonderful boy from the family, his friends who have lost a helpful and talented friend and the entire nation which has lost an upcoming scientist. This petition is for the sake of humanity that we all urge you to take serious steps to find out the criminals who have committed this heinous crime openly in Naugachia, and have been doing this numerous time, freely and fearlessly.

Pritam was travelling to Delhi where he had to go to Delhi University for enrollment in his Phd. Program. He as an M.Sc in Astrophysics and wanted to become a scientist in one of the prestigious Research Institutes in India. His aim was to do something for the Nation.

His dreams were shattered when a bunch of criminals kidnapped him, kept him in captivity for 5 long days, tortured him to the core and then killed him brutally. His post mortem reports reveal the way he was tortured, and we hope this does not happen to any living being present in the world. However we wish that the criminals could be granted the highest degree of punishment.

Was there any reason why the criminals killed him so brutally? Or was it only the reason that he had protested when they snatched his bag away openly in the train? Or was it to terrorize the passengers from time to time so that nobody raises their voice in Bihar when their seats are being taken away, their luggage snatched, women molested, men tortured and abused and what not? There were 5 murders in the similar way within the previous 20 days of Pritam’s death, one happened on the second day when he went missing!

From the day he went missing, the entire family of Pritam was constantly in touch with the police requesting them to find him out in a place as tiny as Naugachia, but the police could not find him till he was being killed on the 5th day by the criminals and thrown near a railway track, his head severed and separated from his body and multiple marks of torture of the highest degree in his body. There were several lapses on the part of the police which the highest officials of Police have already agreed.

The first lapse was that Pritam had complained to a TTE in the train when the miscreants had created a ruckus there and then to a security personnel present in the station about the snatching of his bag but did not get any response from them. Instead the goons threatened him of dire consequences for escalating it to the authorities, which the ultimately did. Now the TTE and security personnel are not even confessing the fact that this had happened.

It has been a long time now but none of the criminals are yet being identified while the crime took place in a busy railway station and he was being transported several kilometers before he was being killed. The police have not made any meaningful arrests till now and have no clue about the murderers. There has been no suspension or internal inquiry of the involvement of authorities. However we strongly believe that a faction of the police is involved in this crime and the cause of his murder might have been that he had identified the nexus between the authorities and the criminals.

At this point of time our only request to you is to expedite the process of inquiry and provide us with a very short deadline on the closure of the investigation by Bihar Police and capture of the actual criminals and officials involved in this. And if the Bihar Police is not able to nab the criminals within the deadline, the inquiry should be handed over to specialist officers in CBI. We also want a fair investigation into the issue and an assurance that these kinds of crimes will not happen in the future.
We also want CCTV cameras to be installed in crime prone railway stations in Bihar like Naugachia so that the railway station can be under surveillance and all criminals can be identified and acted upon.

We believe that the state of India will not let us down and help us get justice for a young and bright student who could have done a lot for the nation and lived for many more years.


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