Allow Grieving Parents Time Off to Mourn the Loss of a Child.

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Allow Grieving Parents Time Off to Mourn the Loss of a Child.

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Today's Family Medical Leave Act provides for up to 12 weeks off unpaid to have a child, adopt a child, care for a sick family member or an injured service member. Lose a child? Most companies give 3-5 days off to bury and mourn that child. And people are forced to return to work, unable to function.

In 2011, grieving dads Barry Kluger and Kelly Farley started the Farley-Kluger Initiative to Add Loss of a Child to the 1993 FMLA, in honor of their children, Katie and Noah Farley and Erica Kluger.

Today, HR2260 in the House and S1302 in the Senate, known as The Sarah Grace-Farley-Kluger Act sit in committee with sponsors from BOTH sides of the aisle, but we need Ranking Committee Chairs and leaders in Congress to hold hearings and bring this issue to the floor.

Nearly 100,000 petitions have been sent since 2011 on another petition site and by bringing the full weight of and its signers, we can urge Congress to bring this issue to light. 

Think of the airline pilot, school bus driver, nurse, teacher, law enforcement professional, factory worker, clerk, physician, manager who is forced to return to work after losing a child. Their grief affects not only the workplace but the jobs that affect our lives, our children's lives. Any parent (or guardian) who works, needs time to grieve and return to the companies they are loyal to, in the best condition possible.

When a worker loses a child, companies suffer, morale drops and productivity goes out the door. This is not only the right thing to do, it's just good business.

Death doesn't ask someone's party affiliation, race, culture or faith. It just all of us.

In honor of all those who have lost children or know someone close who did, please sign this petition and ask our leaders in Congress to put aside differences and show compassion.


Today: Barry is counting on you

Barry Kluger needs your help with “Please join us in asking Rep.John Kline, Rep. Tim Walberg and Sen. Lamar Alexander to Allow Grieving Parents time off to mourn their loss and move our bills in Congress! HR2260 and S1302 need your support!”. Join Barry and 10,399 supporters today.