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Please Help Me Save Animals Currently In Kill Shelters Now! PUT AN END TO ALL KILL SHELTERS! GO NO-KILL NOW!

President Obama needs to allocate at least $1 billion dollars to fund the transition kill shelters will have to do to become no-kill shelters.  *****Also, if the funds that are currently being put towards operating current kill shelters would just be used to run NO-KILL SHELTERS, then I don't see why this would not be a reasonable possibility for us to achieve on the behalf of all dogs and cats in this country who find themselves in literal hell holes that are today's kill shelters!***** Then it would just be law and normal that every kill shelter would become an animal haven and rescue where it is completely illegal to murder an animal unless every avenue of vetting, medicine and other extensive medical training has been used in efforts to save those animals before resorting to humane acts of euthanasia to prevent further pain or suffering to those animals. Stop killing animals, especially nursing Mothers or pregnant animals. Just yesterday in one of the Carolinas, a mother dog who had just given birth to 10 puppies last Thursday, October 13, 2011, who was healthy and nursing her puppies, was put to sleep on Monday, Oct. 17, 2011. That was a senseless act of cruelty and stupidity on the behalf of the kill shelter to do that. They had intended to kill her nearly five day old puppies, all 10 of them, had a rescue not stepped up to pull them! They were trying to adopt/rescue the entire family, but the shelter did not answer their calls or return their many messages and she was killed even though help was on the way to save her life!!

We need to effectively stop the killing of all animals in kill shelters. They are innocent and their former owners are the ones who need to be held responsible for them. If no owner can be found, no healthy animal should ever be killed due to lack of space. If Pres. Obama could just give the money to fix the animal control and kill shelters situation, making them all no-kill shelters, no more innocent lives would be lost due to negligence and ignorance! I, personally, am so sick of hearing about beautiful Mama dogs who get discarded like trash days or weeks after having a litter of puppies and being sent to kill shelters to die...worried and afraid, covered in their own urine and feces. Why do "backyard breeders" feel the need to make money off of their pets, claiming to "love animals" but at the very same time that they're making this false statement, they are handing over puppies (or kittens) most often too young to be even weaned and taken away from their Mamas in exchange for cold hard cash. Personal pet owners should be required by law in every city, county and state within the U.S. to spay and neuter their pets. They should be penalized or fined for dropping their pets off at kill shelters after having bred them and be forced to pay for their dog's food and vet care while in the shelter. (i.e. booster shots, spaying or neutering, food and bedding etc.) They should not get a "dump my pet" for free card after having bred them for profit. Dogs that are healthy or would be easily made healthy through simple medications or treatments done by a veterinarian should absolutely not ever be put on the euthanasia lists or actually killed. That's why going no-kill is so important in America's shelters. As it stands now, these are not "shelters," because the word "shelter" means a safe place to find refuge from harm and/or accident. Well, that is quite the opposite now in the U.S. These "shelters" are now places of fear, sickness, uncaring and death beyond what is absolutely necessary due to humane reasons. No dogs or cats should ever be killed just because they claim not to have the space. Senior animals are constantly being discarded like trash by their owners claiming they don't have the time for them anymore or that these dogs are now high maintenance, but then the same people who just dumped their old, loyal family dog off at the kill shelter is off at the pet store to buy a brand new puppy, most likely from an irresponsible "backyard breeder" or puppymill. Its not right for this dog or cat who was totally loyal and loving their entire lives with their families to suddenly be cast aside due to age. They should not then need to fear the needle or gas chamber of the kill shelters, but rather be offered loving no-kill shelters or rescues which were once kill shelters to take them in and let them live out the remainder of their lives in loving peace. Obviously, still try to adopt them out to worthy families or people who would give such a life to these animals, but if they cannot be found a home via adoption, then a no-kill facility should be in place and capable to house thousands of animals if need be. People also buy puppies too young, then neglect them and never train them so when they grow out of their cute puppy stage, they just take them and drop them off at a kill shelter to await their fate on the table to die. That's not right either. There is no such thing as a bad dog, only bad and ignorant owners who fail their dogs or other pets on every level. They fail to train them and give them the love and attention they're due, so when these animals may chew on their owners' shoes or bras to get attention, they end up sending them to the kill shelters. Wow, you really value your shoes or bras more than an innocent life? Really? That's unbelievable and pathetic in every form.

If somehow President Obama and the United States Government would simply give $1 billion dollars (or more) to animal shelters that are currently kill shelters so that they could work and make the necessary changes to turn them into no-kill shelters, then that'd be wonderful! That would give those then brand new no-kill shelters and rescues more money to run their animal havens and more money could be put out there to run clinics for people to spay and neuter their pets at a very low price or for free so that this animal killing spree could stop happening completely once and for all! Innocent dogs and cats die by the hundreds of thousands every single day and it is not right for people to be so careless towards animals and their well-being. It is not right for private pet owners to be able to breed their dogs for money and further supply the current kill shelters with more mouths to feed until they euthanize them, sometimes in mere days after they arrive there. We need to be their voices as they have none. Please, please sign this petition and let's make our voices heard by President Barack Obama and other political figures so that he and they can implement the change needed to allocate the funds to said kill shelters to ban them from killing healthy animals, as well as to turn kill shelters into no-kill shelters forever! Make kill shelters illegal and a thing of the past! We need to step up and be their voice. Please sign this petition and ask your friends to do it too! Thank You!!


To reiterate the parts of this petition that I would like to see changed: 


1) Pet owners should be required by law to spay or neuter all of their domestic pets, namely dogs and cats. If they are not, they should be fined every month that they keep an animal un-spayed or un-neutered that is old enough to have the procedure done. If all pet owners would simply get their animals spayed or neutered, the need for so many kennels for discarded pets in the newly formed no-kill shelters would eventually not be so high as it would be in the beginning. Every city in the country needs to offer low cost or FREE spay and neuter clinics and make attending them to get their pets fixed mandatory for anyone who wants to own a pet.

2) Pet owners should not be allowed by law to breed their animals for profit. It should not be a business by which they make money off of their animals because in the end, the animal suffers and the "loving breeder" just gets their cold hard cash from the transaction. They don't follow up on the status or well-being of their former pets bred and sold, they just collect the cash and that's it. That's wrong America, very, very wrong! 

3) President Obama needs to supply the funds necessary for all of the country's animal control shelters aka kill shelters in the U.S. to transition from kill shelters to no-kill shelters. In doing so, lives would be spared and the animals discarded and who for any reason are not able to find suitable forever homes via adoption, could live out the remainder of their lives in peace in said no-kill shelters. They deserve to live too, and if you think about it. If it was a law for pet owners to spay or neuter their animals and maybe even be forced to submit a copy of the bill from the vet's office or clinic proving that the spay or neuter had really taken place on said animal, then they should get the chance to be reimbursed for the costs of the spay or neuter. And on the same note, if they do not spay or neuter their pets, they should be penalized via fines each month that they own an animal old enough to get spayed or neutered and do not get it done. 

4) Make it illegal for pet owners to dump their breeding pairs, especially pregnant or nursing Mama dogs (or other animals) to the kill shelters, once they are done using them for their profit and gain. People who drop off their pets or animals used for breeding should be fined for doing so and the fine should be sufficient enough to cover the costs to care for however many animals they dropped off at the shelters. Even once they are animal rescues aka no-kill shelters, they should still be assessed some sort of fee that would go towards the lifelong care of their former pets. 

5) People should be required in every city, county and state to purchase a pet license or permit that is registered wherever they live, keeping tabs on all animals a person or household has in order to prevent backyard breeders from conducting those practices.

6) The dumping of animals anywhere else besides a no-kill shelter or sanctuary should also be made illegal. If caught doing it, the former owners should be penalized with large monetary fines and be forced to pay for their former animal's care during their stay in the no-kill shelters while they are looking to be adopted out to new, better, forever homes. 

7. Every single puppymill needs to be shut down and pet stores should not be allowed to sell dogs or cats ever as they most likely come from a puppymill or other petmill! Puppymills supply very sick puppies to the public under the guise of being respectable breeders who care for the health of their pups, but in fact, they mistreat their breeding adults and puppies so much as to leave them almost completely or completely unsocialized, without food or water and in pens full of tons of urine and feces. Again, this is not right and it needs to stop now!

I believe that President Obama can make this change happen if he wants to. And I also believe that it would be the best thing to happen for this country and all of it's animals that has happened in a very long time. Nothing like this has ever happened before which is why poor animals get killed every day and die with fear in their already broken hearts. Please, please sign this petition. I beg of you to do it, but not for me...but for all of the animals who are next in line to die in all of the kill shelters across America tonight. 


Thank you for your time! 


PS---The Mama dog in this picture was killed on Monday, October 17, 2011. She had just given birth to her 10 puppies on Thursday, October 13, 2011. She was healthy, well adept at nursing and caring for her brand new puppies and by the look on her smiling doggie face, a very proud Mama dog with a huge heart just looking for love. Her puppies were rescued and are now being bottle fed by some loving heart who tried to rescue the entire family together but the kill shelter did not care to check their messages to see if anyone wanted to save this family, or any other animals, before they started killing them. She probably thought she was going out for a simple potty walk then to be quickly returned to her babies in her kennel. So, she was most certainly scared and shocked to end up strapped down to the table while she was killed. What fear must have been in her heart  and mind knowing she was being murdered and leaving her tiny baby puppies behind? Poor sweet Mama dog and she's definitely not the only one. Her puppies were to be killed next had the rescuer not gotten there in time to save them. This kind of thing has to stop. It happens daily and is just plain sick. Whatever your stances are on animal rights, you have to know deep down in your souls that killing a new, nursing Mama dog is the epitome of evil and wrong. It just breaks my heart that instead of tending to and raising up her puppies, she's now in a landfill inside a garbage bag! That's her final resting place...that's the respect she is shown for all her young life of love and loyalty to people. That's what she gets for trusting anyone and just wanting to love and be loved literally be discarded like GARBAGE! That is so very wrong! Please help me be her voice as she never had one to save herself with.  Please sign this petition!  

Update: Feb. 20, 2012: Every pet owner needs to be held accountable for their pets. Period. The country needs to mandate that all dogs and cats be spayed or neutered and that each state and city has several FREE SPAY & NEUTER CLINICS. Current kill shelters need to be immediately turned into NO KILL SHELTERS where dogs and cats can live out their lives in peace if no one comes to adopt them. THESE PLACES MUST BE SANITARY from top to bottom! Just yesterday or today, a Mama dog in a kill shelter had her puppies killed and she was left alone with a broken heart in her pen because of a parvo outbreak. If dogs who are in kill shelters have puppies, they should be kept in a Mama & Puppies Wing of the shelter so that it is isolated from the rest of the animals who may transmit diseases to new puppies and this wing should be extremely sanitary always! There's no reason for this not to be a possibility. Please help save all dogs and cats in our great country! Thank you!!! Sign this petition and share it with friends and family far and wide! 

This is a no-brainer people, dogs and cats deserve to live just as we why are people allowed to play God with healthy animals old and young just because "there's no room?" That's crap and I hope you REAL animal lovers believe it is crap too so we can CHANGE things for our furry friends FOR GOOD! xoxoxo!

Thank You!! 

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