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Judy Lane has set up up an account with Pay Pal asking for donations of any amount at Our goal is to get my girl safe and home  and then we want to set up a foundation to help others whose children have been wrongfully taken. Thank you to all who have donated already.I have urgent deadlines to save my girl Markel and need your help fighting for her rights after being unlawfully stolen by STATE kidnapping. We have absolute proof of fraud, illegal set ups, major corruption and organized crimes involving judicial fraud. This will be my 3rd Christmas without her and she will be 5 yrs old next month. I have tragically not heard her voice in 2 yrs and my own mom tried to have me served where I could never see her again basically. I have proof of the document that the judge would not sign off. Although the judge did say not contact them or he would make it official. My mom is a very sick woman and I knew this as early as a small child. She tells everyone who ask that I am too sick to have my girl and that I refuse to see her! Anyone who knows all I do to helped her knows I would take a bullet to protect her .Anyone can clearly see I have done everything possible to have her safe with me. The more I wouldn't give up the more I was illegally targeted in ways that would blow your mind. My girl is my child not my so call mothers that I will call just Anita from her on. Anita destroyed my child over mainly jealously that let to a life time of neglect and abuse on me. She abused my very kind real dad too who raised me mainly without her help. You see many just don't understand a mom such as mine and it is very hard to put in words. She had to go for the helpless little girl so she could brainwash and control her unlike my late father and I. My dad who died after a brutal mugging over 20 yrs ago was once a very well known songwriter and made many sacrifices to protect me. After their divorce I was stuck with a abusive mom and step dad with no protection until senior yr in high school when I finally lived in another home to escape them. There is so much behind this case that countless refuse to face. MY girl is in serous danger. I know her pain first hand. If she looks okay today it is only because they know this case went very public and has National media attention now. This picture attached to this story is how she looked last seen more than 2 yrs ago. She was hard to recognize on my last days with her. Her eyes looked drugged, she was so yellowish pale and I have proof of such claims. I secretly taped it and took pictures but my rights as her parent were terminated with a week of me doing this obviously to best cover up truths. I was never allowed to check on her again! Anyone can look at her before and afters on my you tube video DISTURBED. Cps was used as a tool only to get what ANITA viciously wanted with all her money and power through my creepy step dad. Remember my step dad (Dr .Gary W. McDonald) was appointed to head of the dental board in TEXAS by Governor Rick Perry. I clearly had no chance with the power behind the corruption of this case. I lost everything unlawfully fighting back even my beautiful home and our belongings my girl and I so loved. I had to start over with hardly any basics to survive. Of course it affected my ability to win and that is so how they win illegally. Anita's motives are beyond disturbing and this is why I must get book done. She actually told my Grandma I would lose my girl and home way before it happened which proves premeditated acts of the unthinkable. Before my girl was even born she was saying such evil things to me about not wanting me to be a mom. She has always said such verbally abusive things to me so I tried to ignore her which angered her more. She couldn't stand that I was the great mom I never had AND how is it she raising my child when she couldn't even raise me? My dad ( Mark Charron who wrote hit songs for Bj Thomas and many others) was a stay at home song writer and great loving father. She was never home. What is so unreal is Anita couldn't stand how close my dad and I were just as she couldn't stand how much I loved my only child who was my life. Everything she did was out of revenge for me fighting against all her abuse and later over shockingly finding proof of my step dad and Anita secretly drugging me to take my child so I would look unfit or act insane. This is a claim I have proved with my evidence public. A doctor even testified to giving them drugs you can't taste or see. On top of this I was being drugged by my step dad who is an oral surgeon calling in meds in my name I didn't know about. They would brainwash me telling me I was crazy when I was actually being overly drugged to feel crazy. I knew I could hardly move but they kept me in a room for months convincing me I was imagining how sick I felt. I mean who would think they are being poisoned basically by their own family? It was later I found out proof of this and just for reporting it my girl was snatched with no investigation of my evidence, witnesses and disturbing texts from Anita. Texas wants you to believe I had a delusion yet I more than proved it wasn't and still I have had no justice what so ever. Despite proof of these crimes and the fact they were at one point under attempted murder at one point it appears everything was covered up to side with their money and political connections. Actually Texas including Governor Rick Perry aided in this unlawful kidnapping and hid proof of the crimes allowing Texas to steal my child claiming I imagined what I publicly proved and was denied to have a hearing over the criminal part of this case. I was even threatened by authority many times for only trying to do a sworn statement! This is all highly illegal. I was not at the hearing that is the actual law when a child is taken. Secret hearings with only hear say by abusers were done without my defense as the enemies plotted how to destroy my family. I was held against my will where I couldn't go. How in the world are more not helping a child in danger is beyond me .This is my only child who is suffering and screamed bloody murder for me to the point they had to medicate her at only 2. I showed total proof of her looking and acting so drugged with abuse marks all over her back and bottom while being basically owned by TEXAS on a supervised visit with me. MY girl never acted or looked that way with me ever. I know nothing else to do after losing so much. Does anyone get how traumatic this would be to have your own mother harm you and then take your life away. She knew I couldn't ever be happy without my girl and that is why she did this! It was the ultimate way to abuse me as an adult unlike hitting, choking, biting, ect when I was too young to defend myself. It really is a very disturbing story of coming from a very scary mother (Anita McDonald) that my girl has been forced against her will to live with. Even the Judge Pat Shelton needs to be investigated for clearly allowing fraud and crimes to take place. I was denied my due process of law on so many occasions. This judge even cut out many of my witnesses, wouldn't allow a detailed slide show of my girl and I and ignored criminal evidence shown to him. HE also allowed a set up witness to give a false testimony full of countless acts of perjury and who had a felony record with a FBI number. This witness plotted to help take my child due to me having to call the police on her about a yr before her testimony for theft. I later found out she had a theft felony record that all was illegally covered up in court. This is all highly unlawful and more need to help us please. JUSTICE 4 MARKEL
Judy Lane has set up a paypal account for anyone wanting to donate. A donation of $1 to 5 dollars would add up and be greatly appreciated. The email address is . Thank you ********************************************** .

CPS/DFCS in Houston, Texas needs to be audited, along with the following: I was denied my court records over a unreasonable 25,000 court record cost. Many believe my re cords have been tampered with at this point. All those involved must be held accountable for my girls unlawful kidnapping.

CPS workers - Debra Reyna and Jennifer Clark for perjury, illegal set ups, fraud , scare tactics, not following CPS handbook procedures and misconduct

CPS Investigator - Debra Mayo for allowing perjury and conspiracy to commit crimes of misconduct.She had ruled out my case and refused to deal with the fact Cps case workers lied about it being a forged document. The document ruling out my case was official with her signature. For more than 2 yrs she ignored our calls and never came to court as ordered.

CPS Regional Director - Scott Dixon for failure to address my evidence and to allow it all to be covered up. He allowed countless perjury that he was aware of. CPS did not operate within the integrity of law for the state of Texas. Mr. Dixon never returned any of our calls in over 2 yrs. Finally I was told my case is no longer a CPS case recently despite their failure to prove my innocence.

Judge Pat Shelton - for legislating from the bench and failing to honor family law of Texas, in accordance and accounts of evidence tampering, witness intimidation, accepting countless perjurious statements, and allowing a set up witness with a felony record to give false medical information about me claiming to have a medical degree. This witness was a high school teacher who never finished nursing school as she claimed to of. She had no standing to give medical opinions about me. I was thrown in jail for the first time in my life at 41 during the trial for only questioning her and forced to tell all those there I had been in jail. Despite the case was dropped after such a agonizing period, I was denied a fair hearing. Obviously this was a huge factor on why I lost.

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