Please don't kill hundreds of thousands of fish and please don't kill the aquarium industry.

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Australians have been keeping aquarium fish for many years without any known disease issues to Australian native fish or waters.

If these changes to our import regulations go ahead we will loose many fish from this industry, prices will rise dramatic and many Australians will lose their jobs as aquarium keepers will simply not be able to afford to keep fish.

However the most important fact of these new regulations is that hundreds of thousands of presumed healthy fish will be killed each year for meaningless batch testing as a result of flawed data.

We would not kill up-to 50% of each litter of kittens just to see if they showed markers of cat flu.

* Non lethal testing should be the only option.

* The gourami iridovirus is NOT recognised internationally as an OIE listed disease of significance or importance.

Also note that there are many health benefits to Australians who keep fish and so this change may actually increase the medical expense budget for the Government.

I therefore urge you to investigate these changes, which appear to be totally unnecessary.

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