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Please commit 2.1 million dollars towards the redevelopment of Waverley Gymnastics Centre

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Waverley Gymnastics Centre has more than 1500 children participating in gymnastics classes each week (and thousands more that attend holiday camps, school programs and competitions). Our Centre is bursting at the seams and we have more than 570 children on waiting lists. Our facilities are old, too small and in desperate need of redevelopment.

Gymnastics is a fantastic sport that teaches an exceptional level of coordination, skill and confidence that assists children achieve in all of their sports and life skills.

This project has a $5.75 million cost. The Monash Council (who own the building) have committed $2.65 million towards this vital project. Waverley Gymnastics Centre has committed $1 million (we have fundraised $400,000 so far and have a loan for the remainder).  We are asking Federal Government to make an election commitment of the final $2.1 million needed.

Whilst our first love is teaching foundation gymnastics to young children, Waverley Gymnastics Centre has achieved Olympians at both the Beijing and London Olympics, Medallists at the Delhi and Glasgow Commonwealth Games, Medallist at the 2010 Youth Olympics and World Championship team members for Australia in 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014 & 2015. 

Our goals is to help all our gymnasts achieve their full potential.

The key aspirations of this project are:

Increased access: This extension will allow WGC to offer gymnastics classes to the hundreds of children currently on our waiting lists the opportunity to participate in gymnastics. Currently there are more than 570 children on waiting lists due to size limitations of the current facilities.

Access for people with disabilities: Currently many disabled adults / children do not have access to this facility. This extension will allow us to offer specialist gymnastics classes for disabled children and adults. The proposed custom built area will provide specially designed access, matting and equipment to ensure disabled members have full participation in the gymnastics programs offered. This custom built area will also be invaluable for pre schoolers aged 2-5 years.

Family/Community Support: There is currently no ability for parents to watch their children to participate in gymnastics due to size limitations of the current facilities. This extension includes an extensive viewing area that addresses the ongoing concerns of more than a thousand families who would like the opportunity to watch and support their children participating in gymnastics. As well, this extension would give families access to club rooms and homework rooms to further assist in family socialising and support. There are currently no facilities for this.

Talented Children the Opportunity to Excel: Another important outcome of building this extension would be to give more talented children within the City of Monash and beyond, a better opportunity to represent Australia successfully in elite gymnastics at the highest level (Commonwealth Games & Olympics). Waverley Gymnastics Centre is the only gymnastics club in Australia that had gymnasts selected on both the Beijing and London Olympic Teams. Waverley’s National and International stream gymnastics programs are world renowned and there are many talented young gymnasts unable to get into this program due to facility size restrictions. This extension would mean more children could have this opportunity and equally important our current children in this elite program would have an increased opportunity to excel with better equipment and facilities, more room and hence apparatus time. It will truly give more talented gymnasts in the electorates of Chisholm, Bruce, Holt and beyond the opportunity to reach their dreams in elite gymnastics.

Increasing female participation in sport: This extension is a wonderful opportunity to address a country wide issue of Australia needing to encourage and support female participation in sport. Ninety percent of Waverley Gymnastics Centre members are young girls, and WGC strongly believes in the important of encouraging girls to participate in sport at a young age. The large majority of the children on waiting lists at  Waverley Gymnastics are also female.

Bringing more Gymnastics Competitions and Events to Chisholm and Bruce: This extension will allow the opportunity for larger and an increased number of gymnastics events to come to Chisholm and Bruce. This will increase investment and spending in the area providing benefits to a significant number of local businesses.

Increase employment opportunities in the City of Monash, Chisholm and Bruce: This extension will not only create 60 full time jobs in its construction it will create 4 Full time and 15 Part time/Casual ongoing jobs upon completion.

This redevelopment involves:

•Increasing gym space by more than 40% 

•Custom designed access, matting and equipment area for children with a disability or mobility issues. 

•Addition of upstairs spectator viewing 

•Addition of Club rooms                                                

•Addition of female friendly and accessible change rooms  

•Upgrade of Equipment 

•Structural upgrade including roof, walls, amenities which will give longevity to the facilities which are currently experiencing ongoing issues. 

•Upgrade of Physio/Massage rooms and addition of recovery facilities 

•Addition of Childrens’ Play Area                                      

 •Increased administration office and meeting room to support business activities

•Upgrade of Canteen facilities

•Addition of a home-work room

Your help to sign this petition would be very much appreciated to support our 1500 wonderful young gymnasts and families, as well as give the hundreds of children on our waiting lists the opportunity to participate in the foundation sport of gymnastics. We are hoping that the Federal Government can help us by committing the 2.1 million dollars needed for this crucial redevelopment as an election promise.

Thank you

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