Please Ban Hydraulic Fracking

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Hydraulic fracking is presently one of the many environment and safety issues the global communities are facing. In the US, hydraulic fracking is on the increase in many part of the country which deepen communities divisiveness, concerns and fear. Not all information or data on hydraulic fracking are analyzed or are ready for the communities. However, enough analysis have been done by the global communities to suggest that this form of energy exploitation should be banned for the following reasons:

* Released harmful toxics and chemicals into the environment such as underground reservoirs and thus would affect people, communities and biodiversity well being

* Released harmful gases into the environment which would affect the air and water quality and thus, would affect the health and safety of people, communities and biodiversity. This in effect also would undermine the UN and global community efforts in adapting and mitigating global warming and climate change efforts.

* If fracking is carried out in many regions of the world, then the released warming gases into the environment would certainly further worsen global warming and climate change.

* Can ause tremors or earthquakes. Even the earthquakes could be minor, nonetheless, they could affect the well being of communities such as properties damaged and safety; and long term stability of terrains.

* Destroy and fragment natural environment which would further harm such as biodiversity, preserved landscapes, natural resources and communities.

* Earth is a living organism, fracting would loosen and cause fractures and leakages of the terrain/soil (which cannot be properly sealed), which would allow continuous release of unhealthy and warming gases into the environment. Even when fracking of gas shale reservoirs are completed , the loosen soil/terrain, fractures/leakages and terrain shift could further facilitate and accelerate chemical and biological reactions of such as of water, humidity, air, fossils, earth elements and bacteria to continuously produce gases. In addition, as the earth is warmed, the chemical and biological reactions could further accelerate which would further increase the amount of gases released in the environment. If fracking is carried out in many parts of the US as well as around the world, then this could added up substantially.

* Shale gas would eventually be depleted and thus, hydraulic fracking is not a solution to sustainable clean energy and economy. It is counterproductive and harmful to continue building infrastructures and way of life that could not be maintained or sustained.

* It is very irrational and careless to use energy and pollute the environment to operate operation to further pollute the environment while the energy could be sustained from renewable energy such as solar and wave/tidal, clean bio-fuel and energy efficiency. In addition, clean and renewable energy research, development and application are neglected in the process. Furthermore, it is unaccountable and irresponsible to further worsen environment pollution and destruction, endanger or threaten global biodiversity and communities well being and accelerate global warming and climate change.

For the well being of global communities, the common good and to effectively protect humanity common habitat, we urge your administration to ban hydraulic fracking. Hydraulic fracking is also an inefficient, dangerous, destructive method of producing energy and also is an unsustainable energy resources. The environment are being polluted while the well being of people and biodiversity are threaten. Furthermore, this model of economic development is not economically and socially democratic, inclusive, fair and just: those that own the land can be well compensated while others may severely suffer. In addition, people and communities are very divisive and under severe stresses or are traumatized by the effects of hydraulic fracking.

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