Ban fireworks in Punjab

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Hi there we all knows that the world is in the situation where environmental problem causing not only humanity but the entire species of the earth.

Even there are many causes for damage the environment like Vehicles pollution, industries pollution, But fireworks one of the major cause which is totally unnecessary and authorities can take serious steps to stopping this.

When we explore the history of Punjab and found this state was one of the rich and green environmental state, where hardworking people were planting fruit trees in thousands of acres, but these days its going opposite way.

People used to preferred celebrating festivals by dance and distribution of food instead of firework and other kind of thing which interrupt the environment.

Today if we count the numbers of human death and injuries because of these fireworks then it will be in hundreds in our state punjab , many hundreds will be in Country and these numbers are in thousands in the whole world.

And the numbers of death and injuries will be in billions of the other species, and it will be hard for me to guess about property damage .

Recent Examples in India -Sep 2012 Sivakasi India, fireworks Factory Explosion 40 death 70+Injuries.

April 2016 Puttingal Temple fire India 100 Death 1000+ Injuries.

Sep 2019,  Batala Gurdaspur, Punjab, India fireworks Factory explosion  23 people were killed and 27 injured.

Now - More than 10 death and many injuries in the village of Tarn Taran Punjab while celebrating a Shobba Yatra .

Just one question do we really want to celebrate our festivals by killing humanity and species of the earth , are we really care about the health of our kids ?

Of course we are responsible and well educated people of punjab. Then lets sign the petition and request the Chief Minister of Punjab Captain Amrinder Singh to Pass a Bill and Ban the Fireworks Completely From Punjab.

And after sign the petition lets do a promise to our God that we will not do firework at the event of Gurpurabs  , Dushehra, Eid, Christmas or any other religious or non religious event .