Plea for Zoo Animals

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This petition is to request CZA not to approve any more NEW Zoo and no more animals should be captured from the wild other than for medical treatment. Also kindly ensure the welfare of existing wild animals in all the zoos.

1. When our Zoos are not sustainable, how can we think about bringing new animals from the wild to the Zoo?  Most of the Zoo across the country is struggling to raise money through donations and adoptions. How is the Government going to address the concern of animal survival in the Zoo ?

2.Wild animals depends on a wide variety of plants, animals and insects, for their nutritional needs. In the zoo, we cannot provide all required nutrients for the wild animals, that they naturally get in the wild. Also the wild animals in zoo lives an unhealthy and sick life. Since the life span of animals in zoo is more compared to wild, they undergo prolonged physical and psychological suffering in captivity.

3.  The mortality rate in various Zoo across the country is increasing. What is the assurance that animals have a better life in Zoo than in the wild ? Rehabilitating a few injured animals in zoos is fine, but bringing in healthy animals from the wild is not acceptable.

4.  Recenlty Mysore Zoo received 3 African cheetahs from South Africa. Cheetahs are naturally fastest running animals on land, confining them inside finite enclosures is against the interest, rights and welfare of the animal.

5. What is the purpose of keeping healthy wild animals in Zoo ? To educate the public about their ecological values ? Ecological role / value of an animal is in the wild, not in Zoo enclosures. There is nothing to educate the public by displaying the animals in Zoo.

6. Once an animal is brought to Zoo, they can never sent back to wild as they might carry infectious diseases and become threat to other wildlife.

7. There has been many scientific reports which says animals were more relaxed and peaceful during the lock down without human presence. It is a fact that displaying animals in Zoo to the public is stressful for the animals.

8. In July 2020, there was a proposal for trans-locating Giraffes from Africa to Kuno-Palpur wildlife sanctuary, MP. India already has around 30 giraffes in 11 zoos in various cities with minimum facilities for a natural living condition. Instead of bringing new Giraffes from other country, I request you to kindly move Giraffes from our Zoos to Kuno sanctuary, so that they get a better living environment and a family of their own kind for socializing. Kindly update on this.

9. In January 2020 a wild elephant named Rakesh was caught from wild and kept on chains for several months in Kapilash Zoo in Odisha. Kapilash Zoo's license from Central Zoo Authority had already expired in 28th of September 2019. The elephant is suffering in Kraal now. 89000 well wishers have signed an online petition requesting to release the elephant back to wild or in a safe sanctuary. Kindly update on this.

10. Many zoo across the country is housing wild caught animals for public display (under the pretext of "rescue"), without permission from CZA. All the zoos which possess illegal custody of wild animals and having an unhealthy environment should also be ordered to shut down permanently

11. Kindly look at liberating and enriching existing captive animals in Zoos and do not bring new healthy animals to captivity from the wild. Improve living condition of animals in existing Zoos. 

12. Stop approving new Zoo projects. There should be only rehab centers for sick and injured wild animals. Take public support wherever required.