Make Autistic 'Cures' Illegal In The UK.

Make Autistic 'Cures' Illegal In The UK.

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Started by Emma Dalmayne

When both my son and I were diagnosed autistic, I did everything to research the condition and learn how to handle it best. I was shocked to discover online dozens of UK non-medical professionals claiming to sell autism “cures”. 

Currently there’s nothing to stop people marketing the false idea that autism is something that can be or needs to be cured. I think it’s time we change that.

Autism is a neurological condition, it’s not something you can cure like an injury or illness. With the right professional therapies, people with autism can thrive, but there’s no product that can offer a magical "fix."

It’s not only offensive that cures are being sold for people like me and my kids, it’s dangerous too. These treatments are unproven and some can be lethal -- the most famous MMS (essentially bleach by another name) is fed to children, given as an enema or even put into babies' bottles. It can cause seizures, stripping of the bowel and severe dehydration along with respiratory problems and there is some evidence up to 8,000 parents are buying and using it.

I know that parents want to help their kids but they are being misled and misinformed. Marketers are exploiting these parents, profiting from their vulnerability and endangering children's lives.

We have a law, the cancer act, that makes it illegal for people to sell cures for cancer. I think it’s about time we get a law that protects people with Autism too.

Please help me by calling on the UK government to introduce a law that stops people selling cures for autism.

Thank you, Emma Dalmayne.

You can read about this here, here and here.  

63,185 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!