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Latex in the bedroom not in the kitchen: Repeal the "Glove Law": section 113961 of AB1252

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Respect our Chefs and Bartenders while protecting your health: Amend the glove law

On January 1st, a law was passed in California forcing all restaurant workers to wear gloves. This law applies to everyone from sushi chefs to bartenders;anyone touching food, squeezing a lemon, or salting a dish. Oppose The Glove Law:

  • For the respect of our chefs: The Glove Law takes away the dignity and trust we put in our chefs. Tell the legislator that we trust our chefs. That the highly trained artists who create our food don't need a buffer to make us feel safe. 
  • For our environment: It creates mountains of trash; millions of pairs of gloves will be used every day under this provision, and  no studies on the environmental impact were done prior to its passage.
  • For our health: Studies have shown glove use can create a LESS safe environment. People are less likely to change gloves than wash hands between tasks.
  • For our food: This law hampers the creation of delicious food (try wearing latex next time you mince garlic or season a dish). 

The chair of the Health Committee, Assembly Member Richard Pan, is currently drafting a bill to edit these regulations in the next few weeks, so we have a real chance to change this law.

Your voice counts in getting what we want out of this new bill.

You can make a difference. Save our chefs from the indignity and discomfort of being clad in latex for 12 hours a day, while protecting your health.

If you believe, like I do, that what makes food safe is the care and attention of the person creating it, not latex, sign this petition now.


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