ECOVER: Remove Whey from your products. Milk is not Cruelty Free. #ecoudder

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Ecover is the UK's leading plant based, eco cleaning product. They have built a brilliant reputation across the UK for providing products that excel at cleaning without the harsh and damaging chemicals. A recent discovery is the addition of whey (milk) to their dish washing product. You can see the product here.

Or you could watch this video which explains why the dairy industry is something we should be very concerned about. 

You may ask so what? Why is whey a big deal? Like all female mammals, to produce milk, a cow must give birth. And like human females, a cow’s pregnancy lasts nine months. A dairy cow has her first calf at around 18 months old. Typically, this calf is taken away from her within hours of birth. This separation is traumatic for both her and her baby. Cows will often bellow for prolonged periods to be reunited with their young. Mother cows will walk back and forth rapidly in an effort to reconnect, often for several days.To ensure a constant supply of milk, a cow will suffer this same process of pregnancy, and separation several times in her life. She is caught in this cycle for as long as she can produce enough milk to be deemed ‘profitable’. A dairy cow is typically artificially inseminated every 13 months, meaning she will give birth to a calf nearly every year. While a cow would naturally live 15-20 years, because of the health toll of constant pregnancies and milk production, the lifespan of a dairy cow is only five to seven years. Unlike only a few generations ago, when the same breeds of cows were used for meat and for dairy, today’s dairy cows represent breeds genetically selected for high milk production. In intensive dairy farms, to reduce costs and control feeding, cows are often kept within ‘zero-grazing’ systems. These are indoor environments where the cows are unable to graze and carry out natural behaviour. High-protein feed is given to the cows to increase their milk yield.

Male calves and veal

With so many cows having baby after baby to ensure a constant supply of milk, the dairy industry produces millions of ‘surplus’ calves. Female calves, as soon as they are old enough, will become milk-producing machines just like their mothers. Since they do not produce milk, male calves (also known as bull calves) are of no use to the dairy farmer, and fetch very low prices at auction. The males of dairy-producing breeds do not grow as large as breeds raised for beef, so these calves are often killed at birth, sold for low-quality meat, or raised for veal. Some countries still use veal crates to confine dairy calves. Because veal is prized for its pale, tender texture, baby calves are confined to very small pens, hutches, or crates to restrict their movement, and fed nutrient-deficient diets. Veal crates are so patently cruel they have been banned in the entire European Union and at least seven U.S. states. Veal calves, whether in crates or pens, are slaughtered at around six months.

UK consumption
According to the dairy industry, there are around 1.8 million dairy cows on the 14,550 dairy farms across the UK, which equates to 2 million dairy calves born every year. Statistics from DEFRA put the UK’s beef herd at approximately 1.6 million. In total, this equates to 3.4 million cows being raised for dairy and beef production in the UK alone, and does not factor in the estimated 2 million calves born as a result of dairy production.

So why should we care? In summary, the dairy industry is not only incredibly cruel, it is damaging our environment on an unprecedented scale.

You may think why is this one product worth my time, why should I bother?

Every little helps and every opportunity we have to shine a light on this serious issue matters. 

Again, you could watch this video which explains why the dairy industry is something we should be very concerned about. (Less then 5 minutes)

Let's encourage Ecover to go 100% plant based. 

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