Arrest the officers who broke David Yearby's neck and left him to die for 9 hours! BLM

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David Yearby was a 27 year old African American male who was murdered by correction officers inside the Middlesex County Correctional Facility.  Yearby was arrested on October 31, 2014 for a minor offense and ultimately shipped to the county jail.  Once Yearby was evaluated by the correctional nurses, they placed him in the medical unit.  The Hi-Vis cell that Yearby was placed in was a single cell with no other inmates.  Less then 24 hours later Yearby was asked to exit his cell; however because he was naked and cold, he requested that they give him a gown.  The officers refused.  The Lieutenant in-charge (who had previous excessive force incidents) doused Mr. Yearby with an OC fogger and ordered a cell extraction.  The jail video shows 5 correction officers, being led by their Lieutenant and Sergeant in full riot gear, enter Mr. Yearby's single cell.  Mr. Yearby is tackled punched and kicked by these 5 officers and removed from his cell.  Once removed, Mr. Yearby naked and cold, has a spit-hood placed over his entire head and face and dragged to a restraint chair, inside a locked cage.  These same 5 officers then, weighing over 1000 pounds, forcefully strap Mr. Yearby inside the chair and forcefully push his head down to his feet, breaking his neck! Mr. Yearby unable to speak, whispers to the officers and the nurse that he can not move his fingers because it hurts.  Mr. Yearby is never heard again and is ignored for the next 9 hours.  Prior to the code blue being called, Mr. Yearby was left to die, all alone, naked, covered with a spit-hood and shackled to a cold metal chair.  The County Medical Examiner found that the cause of death was blunt force trauma of his head and neck with cervical fracture and spinal cord injury.  Additionally, she found a laceration on Mr. Yearby's eyebrow, contusions on his forehead, a black eye, a laceration on his lip and broken ribs.

None of these officers were investigated by Internal Affairs even though Mr. Yearby was in good physical health and neurologically intact when he arrived at the Middlesex County Jail.  Also these officers were the only people that Mr. Yearby had any physical contact while inside the jail.

The Middlesex County Prosecutors Office did a sham investigation and made no effort to search for the truth.  Rather they continued to protect these officers from prosecution of murder and official misconduct.  Middlesex County has just appointed a new prosecutor, Yolanda Ciccone, who has the power to give David Yearby and his family justice.