Reunite the separated siblings and give this family peace!

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Family is the most important thing in the world. We should have a right to be a family without corruption in the system affecting that right. In this case, Robin is a grandmother of 4 children, she has custody of 3 siblings but the 4th child is still in foster care because a judge refuses to return the child back home. Robin is a re-certified foster parent and upstanding citizen, now why in the world would it be okay for this grandmother to take in any foster child but unable to have her OWN grandchild?

Yes, plain evil corruption. Now the same judge has signed a no contact order between the SIBLINGS! Why would someone ever cause so much pain and suffering for children??  Why would this be allowed??? The sisters are 11, 7, & 6. They really miss their brother and can't understand why something so terrible is happening. Everyday they constantly live in fear of losing their brother. They pray for him all the time and pray that God just sends him back home where he belongs. Please help this family have the ability to be just that.... a family. We do not understand why something so evil would be allowed to happen to this family, when we have people in positions that can make a change and make this right! Please be the voice for these innocent children, who live everyday with the pain and suffering of a system failing them!!