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Stop The Government From Charging Us To Use Snapchat

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You are a child in rural Mississippi.

You have 4 younger siblings.

Every day you go to school and come home not understanding a single word that is taught to you.

You stay after school, but the teachers there are no help.

You read your math book, but the teaching methods are foreign.

Somehow, your wealthy and privileged friends are making A's in their classes and you don't understand why.

You ask them their studying methods and they tell about FREE websites such as Khan Academy and YouTube that they use to study.

They tell you that websites such as these have helped complete schoolwork that they otherwise would have been lost if they had relied solely on the teacher.

You dream of accessing this unlimited amount of knowledge that your friends have at their fingertips.

Your dream comes true when your birthday arrives and your parents get you a cheap computer with WiFi.

Finally, after years of humiliating grades, you actually have a chance to have better grades than your privileged peers.

You make your very first 100 in your Algebra class.

You are so excited that you take your grade home to show your parents.

You run into your house, jumping up and down screaming, "Momma! I made ma first 100 in ma Algebra class! Look Momma!"

Your mother has bad news.

At the point of tears your mother says, "Honey, we're going to have to cancel your Internet access."

"Wait...why Momma? I finally made ma first 100 in ma Algebra class."

She replies, "The FCC is allowing companies to force us to pay higher premiums for access to certain websites and we just can't afford those premiums. I'm sorry honey."

Six months later you find out that you can't pass high school because you didn't pass your Algebra class.


For those of you that read this story, this is real. This is actually happening. Fellow Mississippians will not have access to Internet. I live on the Gulf Coast in Biloxi, Mississippi and I have to drive by cows, bulls, and horses every morning. I am one of the privileged in this story. Those families I drive by every morning will not fare as well if the FCC kills Net Neutrality.

This goal of this petition is for Mississippi to declare Net Neutrality and for Mississippi to set an example so that other states may follow along as well.


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