Mississippi Cannabis Endorsement Act (CEA) of 2019

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Mississippi is currently facing an issue with a never ending drug war on a plant we all know as Cannabis. This includes economic issues that need correcting with a new source of income. It's time to bypass the initiative process and petition our Government to pass the Mississippi Cannabis Endorsement Act (CEA).

Innocent citizens of Mississippi are having their lives destroyed. Without access to Medical Cannabis Mississippi's economy will not grow. The Farming Bill in unison with CEA uses Industrial HEMP on a statewide level and stimulates job growth. 

Cannabis, in many forms (Medical, Recreational and Industrial HEMP), enacted in the state of Mississippi will assist in the areas of education, infrastructure, employment, industrial and medical.

Recommended Solution:

The recommended solution, which we as citizens, of this great state suggest, is the passing of Mississippi State Legislation the CANNABIS ENDORSEMENT ACT of 2019 (CEA). CEA would benefit Mississippi in the following phases:

Phase 1: Allow the legalization of Medical Marijuana and full use of Industrial HEMP products for export. Mississippi can now regulate Cannabis by providing employment, state and federal funding to Farmers and job growth for Trimmers, Cutters, Medical Shops, Medical Marijuana (MMJ) Delivery Services, Medical Clubs and other Entrepreneur services.

Phase 2: The state of Mississippi would purchase old Industrial buildings and factories to provide jobs for the citizens of the state for the production and export of HEMP made products. Mississippi would then be provided with enough funding to bring the state where it should be.

Phase 3: Mississippi could raise the price of cotton, wood and any fabric that HEMP could replace, while focusing on the quality work of such products to increase its value and rely on more environment friendly resources for seeds, foods, hemp oil, wax, resin, rope, cloth, pulp, paper, and fuel. Relying on more products from Mississippi will increase statewide economic growth. 

Phase 4: Mississippi would then have the citizens of the state vote on how the dispensing of the tax money will be sent throughout the state to be used for educational, infrastructure, economy, and debt. A state run company would be built to open accounts to act as banks for profits made from Cannabis and HEMP. The accounts would be used for state funded repairs, education programs, economic, industrial, healthcare funding and growth. After a probation time of 6 months – 1 year Recreational Cannabis should be legalized and regulated.