Fund Citrate-Free Humira in New Zealand

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In New Zealand Pharmac currently fund a medication called HUMIRA (adalimumab).

It helps treat the pain and inflammation of certain autoimmune conditions and could be right for you, or you may already be on it.

The problem is our current Humira brand contains Citrate buffers associated with pain on injection, its best discribed as putting lemon juice on a cut.

I have applied for general public funding for HUMIRA Citrate-free.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Citrate buffers associated with pain on injection, and other inactive ingredients, have been removed (No pain on injection)
  • A thinner needle from 29-gauge vs 27-gauge
  • 50% less liquid inside
    Same size HUMIRA Pen and prefilled syringe
    Same amount of HUMIRA active ingredient (adalimumab)
    Half the amount of liquid to inject

The active ingredient (adalimumab) is the same as it has been for over 15 years, with the same results of HUMIRA you've come to count on

My personal experience from Humira hasnt been best due to the citrate buffer, the medication its self for me personally is great, it is just the pain of the current brand that made me nervous and hesitant to inject.

If Pharmac fund this new Citrate-Free Humira they can save money by phasing out the current Humira.

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