Petition Closed Stop selling Spiked choke collars. "Animals are our Friends, NOT Slaves".

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Dog Choke Collar: Choke and prong collars are designed to punish dogs for pulling by inflicting pain and discomfort. In other words these collars have Spikes which punish by piercing the neck of dogs when they try to run. These are usually used to punish, tame, control big dogs like rotwielers, pitbulls, boxers etc... Using these can not only cause serious physical injury but also a lot of emotional damage to the dog.

Imagine how frustrating it is to have a spiked collar around our neck even for few minutes.

Not only using Dog Choke Collars even selling such products is unethical for any pet loving store. We sincerely hope you will take down all chokers from your portal.

Do NOT use a pinch collar or any other pain-to-neck device (including especially a bark-corrector or remote shock collar) on any dog with an aggression problem. Pain tends to in crease aggression. For dog-aggressive dogs, any pain in the neck can trigger the same fight response as would be triggered by being bitten in the neck by the other dog. So use of neck pain to a dog who is dog aggressive is likely to cause the dog to start a fight as a pre-emptive strike under less and less provocation from the other dog. Additionally, if a pinch collar or chain collar is on a dog who is grabbed by the neck by another dog, the grabbing dog may catch and break a tooth on it, which causes great suffering to that dog and great expense to whoever has to pay for a root-canal procedure."

The pinch prong collar should be taken off the recommendation list and placed on the "BANNED LIST" of items to use on canines. Sign this petition and hopefully the recommendation of abuse in training taken off the list and sale of these animal devices are taken off the market.

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