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Petition: Use Drones and Satellite Pictures to Find Missing Children / Women / Men and stop other crimes - Lets Use the Existing Military Technology,

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I received an email ( Aug 31st 2012 ) from a TV station news editor  - now a former recipients of this petition - Fox 4 News ON Cape Coral FL ( John Rinker**** Assignment Editor - FOX 4 / WFTX-TV wrote: )  "stop sending this spam" ----- 

I removed him from the list -- Don't want to "SPAM" HIM

Nice to KNOW John  cares about informing his viewers And I  know all who read and sign this petition pray none of his loved ones ever goes missing 


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The Targets of this petition ( recipients ) -- are our highest elected officials and Major Media Outlets --- they will get copies of this petition automatically after you sign it.

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This is NOT A Petition for a New Law  == BECAUSE  More Than Passing Laws Needs To Be Done

Criminals do NOT respect or abide by laws  and they will invade your privacy  -

The time has come for EVERY caring American to step up and be heard.

Are you aware we have the capability to take real time high resolution satellite  and unmanned drone pictures OF Almost any crime scene and transmit those pics back to earth WITHIN SECONDS 

Our Military has developed and perfected the system since the first spy satellites were launched in the late 1950's We have hundreds of drones in use over Afghanistan and they will brought home when our troops are pulled out in 2014 

I am begging ALL who read this --- If you agree PLEASE take the time to post notices about this petition on ALL the ONLINE Sites you visit - Cut and paste the URL from the browser bar or use the short URL - YOU can be responsible for Saving victims and helping crime victims.

The mainstream media has up to now ignored my requests to even mention the existence of the technology OR THIS effort .. Add your Voice send separate EMAILS to ALL media outlets  and request they help educate ALL Americans -- again the url is

 This petition requests the media to inform the public so we can ask our elected leaders to take drastic steps to dramatically reduce and SOLVE Most CRIMES WITHIN MINUTES AND stop the scourge of  Missing Children Women and Men which is sweeping our country

I repeat -- Don't doubt the EXISTENCE of the real time,  24/7,  high resolution, military satellite and unmanned drone picture taking,  transmitting and storing technology and after our troops leave Afghanistan it will be phased out..

It is no secret these systems have been used for decades by our military to watch our enemies and to protect our troops and used to track and find Osama Bin Laden. The only secret is their actual capabilites. But we can assume they are awesome.  Our government hid the SR-71 and the stealth fighter and B2 bomber from us for many many years too.

IF Adapted for use by Law Enforcement,  this technology would be  the Solution to Finding Missing Children Women & Men Quickly, solve and drastically reduce other crimes WITHIN MINUTES of them being reported - the satellite or drone technology COULD also provide police with indisputable proof of someones innocence or guilt.

Gun Violence and murders may drop along with the other crimes.

All the details are presented on our main web site linked below

Please Educate yourself about this solution, the time you spend will be the  most  productive you have EVER spent online.  PLEASE Book Mark the pages and links below so you can return to them easily

( This effort is funded completely by myself  I never ask for any money )

Again: All I ask is Just your help in spreading the word  == The shortened URL to use when sharing on Face Book, tweeting or posting a notice in a comment on any line site or article dealing with ANY crime IS  ===== 

Again: We could track and Find most missing persons and  spare tens of millions of families the pain of dealing with a missing loved one PLUS SOLVE and Drastically reduce & solve ALL type of crimes like the gun murder of Trayvon Martin and Caylee Anthony cases and will let the criminals know they WILL be caught, in most cases WITHIN minutes - YES Minutes of them being reported.

The technology would provide proof of ones innocence or guilt with NO Doubt  and avoid situations like the recent Trayvon Martin Murder case and the Troy Davis execution

The existing technology presented in this document is NOT micro chipping, GPS tracking or cell phone tracking, While those methods could be used for some protection - They are marginally effective and would not STOP the crimes. It is not the use of drones. The drawbacks of using those methods and ways of tracking the missing are addressed on our Main Web Page at THIS LINK HERE

We plead with our elected leaders who receive this petition to step up and adapt the existing military satellite or drone surveillance technology which can again: capture real time, high resolution, close up,  photos from space of ANY crime scene, street, road or area in the U.S. and transmit those photos within seconds back to earth to be viewed and repsonded to by Law Enforcement - Again this can be done within MINUTES  for almost any crime scene - YES MINUTES

PLUS such a system would save Hundreds of Billions in Taxpayer dollars in the first years, that money is now spent on Police searches, investigations and court proceeding as presented in the detailed info seen in the "Cost" and "Proof" section on our efforts MAIN WEB site found at

We also present a link to a page which presents scenarios of how the system would work at  Read and be amazed at what can be done.

Until the media gets onboard -- Please educate yourself then make a decision to get involved or not.

We are well aware of the "Invasion of Privacy" issue and the Paranoid's "Big Brother" fears, The bottom line is This can Drastically reduce crime and provide a safer environment for ALL Americans. Will the criminals respect your privacy ? NO ! Will this stop them ? YES. We address the Privacy aspect of our proposal in the section 'Invasion of privacy Concerns" on the Main web page seen linked below.

If the media would become active in informing the masses about this possible solution and Allow each person to decide if it is something they would like to see in place,  then each individual can get more invloved. Please we beg you --  sign this petition to request our Elected officials to act. It will be sent automatically to the list of over 50 recipients

Caylees Law and other laws do little to actually solve the problem. Talking about the missing on TV does nothing to stop the atrocities. Except for Americas Most Wanted None of the TV shows which depend on missing person cases for ratings have EVER been responsible for a missing person being found - NOT ONE...

Remember:  Our Mission is ULTIMATELY  to get action from Our Elected officials by creating widespread public awareness with media cooperation and hopefully create a ground swell of activity to convince ALL Americans to get involved in getting those elected officials to ACT AND adapt the system for use by ALL Law Enforcement Agencies

I must say again:  Read how the system would work and what  the positive outcome of an abduction / kidnapping could be at - then ACT AND sign this petition - and share the info by posting on ALL the social media sites

YOU can help insure we find missing children women and men quickly and safely and reduce other crimes

I repeat: We have paid for this technology, it has been developed and perfected and has been /  is being used to protect our troops, It has been in place over countries in which the U.S. has been involved in military actions since the mid 1970's. So in those 40 years it has been honed and perfected. We need to see that it is adapted and used for the benefit of ALL Americans.

Once More: to the Media: the public must be told about this and allowed to band together and request President Obama and other elected officials to challenge and instruct NASA, Our Military and their affiliates to work together to adapt EXISITNG systems of satellite surveillance technology to assist Police and Law Enforcement Agencies in solving ANY crimes, including child abductions Missing women and men, rapes, home invasions, car thefts ALL within Minutes of them being reported thus we can SAVE victims lives and spare tens of millions of families the pain of dealing with a missing loved one in the future AND REAP the other benefits.

Plus implementing the EXISTING TECHNOLOGY would save a major portion of the estimated 9.6 Billion dollars spent on the over 800,000 BASIC searches for missing Americans each year. That does NOT include the savings of tens of billions MORE on and court cases ( trials for the criminals who were caught in the act ) and investigations for other crimes which would be solved quickly.

The proposed system can also be used to protect Our borders. We need to create wide spread public awareness to the existence of the systems and OUR effort gives every American a chance to join in and help make a "Change"

 To be sure the media gets our message PLEASE cut and paste the URL  into an email and send it to ALL the media outlets you can find, local, national, radio, tv, neswpapers and online blogs,  and to your local politicians and police departments or post it in articles you find online about crime. We think many of those who are on the list to have this sent to them automatically through have now blocked it from getting through to them.


The repsonse to Caylee's Law petition of over 1,400,000 signatures and the Trayvon Martin Petition with over 1,500,000 in just weeks should indicate to every one, there are many who care and want something done. Trayvon Martin and Caylee Anthony will stand as a beacons to anyone who needs proof thing can get done BY "We the People"

Please choose the Opt out option or check the box provided to NOT receive emails in the future. You might need to set your profile settings.


Thank You


Bill Tomck

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treyvon martin casey anthony hailey dunn susan powell michelle parker lost and missing need to be found gun control the time has come for guns to be taken away from anyone who displays any type of violent temper or who ever says - I'll shoot you.

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This is a petition from Everyday Americans who want changes. ( Our shortened URL is = )

In the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin Killing, and the Casey Anthony Case - it is every Americans duty to look for ways to stop and solve these and ALL other crimes - We have the technology to do this BUT are not using it.

We are asking our elected leaders to step up and protect your constituents

We as Taxpayers and Voters have paid for the development of the technologies which could drastically reduce crime and Find missing persons quickly and safe. We ask you to initiate a program to adapt the technology to be used for the protection and benefit of ALL Americans. Such a system would save Tens of Billions in Taxpayer dollars as presented in the info presented here

IF you are an elected official and have received this petition, We remind you, you have taken an oath to protect and provide a safe environment for Americans. Please live up to that oath by seeing the systems presented here are put in place. It's an obligation you took on and while it is a drastic measure - Drastic acts require Drastic Reactions. IF it requires changing laws then it is your duty to do so.

If you are in the media, we do NOT ask that you endorse this petition BUT PLEASE help inform the public about our online effort and allow each individual to choose to support this effort

BECAUSE Criminal do NOT respect or obey laws More Than Passing Laws and sitting in front of cameras and talking about doing something Needs To Be Done

We are asking the mainstream media to educate the masses in order that EACH individual can decide for themselves to approach our elected officials and ask they adapt the existing satellite surveillance technology which can capture real time, high resolution, close up, photos from space of ANY crime scene, street, road or area in the U.S. and transmit those photos within seconds back to earth to allow Law Enforcement to respond, save victims AND capture the offenders within MINUTES to ANY crime - YES MINUTES , PLUS provide ALL the many benefits presented by our effort seen at

N.A.S.A. and our military and affiliated companies have developed and refined the technology for decades and use it to protect our troops in combat zones and spy on our perceived enemies, similar systems were used to help find Osama Bin Laden

We know our satellites can see great details, down the the numbers on a car License Plates IN REAL time, even in bad weather and the system now used can store and archive Photos to allow the military to go back from the present to any previous time to track and follow the enemy and terrorist and have used these capabilities to protect our Soldiers. They need to make this available to ALL Law Enforcement Agencies in the U.S. to protect us at home

We have been told the satellites NOW IN PLACE over the war zones we are involved in are being phased out and replaced by drones to protect our troops. It would be very easy to reposition the satellites over the U.S. thus eliminating the need to build and launch new one, saving even more billions.

We are growing very tired of seeing stories of a child, woman or man having gone missing and reports of unsolved murders and other crimes on the news every night. Over 2000 Americas are reported missing each day, ( 800,000 PER YEAR ) the cost for THOSE searches alone is minimally estimated at $9.6 BILLION dollars PER YEAR. This proposal can drastically reduce ALL those Numbers

The existing technology which would allow Law Enforcement to Find Missing children, women and men QUICKLY, spare millions of families the pain of dealing with a missing loved one AND Drastically reduce all type of crimes

IT could also provide proof of ones innocence or guilt

We are well aware of the 'Invasion Of Privacy' issues and the faction which will use that phrase in its opposition, our answer to them is: simply "Bottom line: we will be saving lives sparing the families of the victims the pain and providing ALL the other benefits proposed and offered in our info"

ALL details, proof, drawbacks, and more are presented at: and there is a page with scenarios which details how the systems could work at

Any elected official who would step up and become the standard bearer to see the system proposed in this petition adapted and put in place to CHANGE the way we address crime, would surely endear themselves to most law abiding VOTERS and win ANY election they chose to enter.

I NEED TO REMIND YOU this system would spare tens of millions of families the pain of dealing with a missing loved one in the future and lessen the chance of any one becoming a crime victim. In addition the system would also save tens of Billions of taxpayers Dollars on searches, other crime investigations and court cases, as outlined on our website.

This same technology could also be used to watch our borders in a much more effective way than is now being used AND it could be sold to other countries, which would further reduce the overall cost and improve our standing in the world

Read how the system would work and what the positive outcome of an abduction / kidnapping could be at -- then ACT to help insure we find missing children women and men quickly and safely and reduce ALL other crimes

Allow me to repeat: WE THE PEOPLE ask the President, and ALL our ELECTED officials to take steps to challenge, the Military, N.A.S.A. and Its affiliates, in the same vein as President Kennedy challenged NASA to put a man on the moon May 25 1961, to adapt the existing satellite surveillance capabilities which we have developed and perfected since the early 1960's , WE need to make the system accessible and share the information with Law Enforcement

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Bill Tomck ---
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