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Petition to Impeach President Obama

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When in the course of human events we are confronted with a President that is intent on destroying the very sovereignty of our nation we have no other choice but to act and demand his immediate impeachment.  What we are witnessing now, in the United States, is far greater than mere "buyers remorse."  As I wrote, even before Obama became President, Obama was being groomed by trans-nationalists (e.g., Brzezinski, Soros, Kissinger) in order to force us into a "North America Union" whereby Canada, the United States and Mexico would be melded together in a 3-Nation Union, similar to the European Union.  Such a move to destroy the sovereignty of the United States is high treason.  In point of fact Obama is betting upon being the first transnational president and with that destroying the very sovereignty that great Americans -- from Washington to JFK -- had given their lives to secure.

Since Obama has become president he has reversed himself on just about every bit of "change" we were supposed to believe in.

* He said he would stop busting Marijuana Patients.  Instead he is using the Controlled Substances Act to close down dispensaries, invade the homes of US Citizens and arrest record numbers of Cannabis Consumers.
* He said he would get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan.  Instead he is escalating operations in Libya and Egypt where Muslim extremists are now slaughtering Christians in droves.
* He said he would renegotiate all Free Trade Agreements because they put American Workers at a disadvantage.  Instead he is now negotiating additional deals with S. Korea and Columbia where over 8,000 Union Organizers have been murdered at the bequest of International Corporation.
* He said he would get the American People back to work but instead he continues to allow mass immigration by both legal and illegal immigrants at a time when nearly 30 million Legal American Citizens are out of work and one in 7 Americans are dependent on food stamps.  And now, in order to get the Hispanic Vote, he is attempting to do something that over 70 percent of the American People do not want: granting Amnesty to between 12 and 30 million Illegal Immigrants and Visa Overstays.
* He said he was opposed to the Patriot Act which has eviscerated our liberties and suspended Habeas Corpus. This effectively pushed back civil liberties back before the signing of the Magna Charta.  Instead he has extended the surveillance of American Citizens by reauthorizing the Patriot Act while allowing untold numbers of Muslim Terrorists to slip across the US/Mexican Border due to his utter failure in securing our Southern Border.

While it is true that we have not had a truly representative President since JFK (and even that may be a stretch) there is little doubt that Obama is the most dangerous president to have ever held the off ice of President.  I say this because the very sovereignty of this nation is now at risk.   So while we may each have our own personal reasons for his impeachment there is little question that President Obama represents the most existential threat to the sovereignty of this nation in our short history.

So whatever your reasons for impeachment I implore you to sign this petition and spread the word to your fellow Americans through both the internet and by word of mouth.  In short this is our "Paul Revere" moment and we can no longer wait to act.  Impeach NOW!  The future of our republic hangs in the balance.

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