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Help Kevin "The Truth" Caputo get a reality series

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Many of you know me from Facebook and YouTube and the voice of reason with a big mouth and an unfiltered dialogue, but also a great many more of you know me from my appearance on Impractical Jokers (Security Guard Throw Down). I was the guy in the drug store in NYC who tore Muir to pieces. The episode became their biggest hit, it has almost 2,000,000 views on YouTube, is on Impractical Jokers best of DVD, and is in reruns on TRU TV at least 3 times  month. If you look at the comments on Impractical Jokers FB and YouTube pages under my episode, you will see literally thousands of comments and a great many of them are from fans of the show saying i was the best part of the episode, i should have my own show and i'm the funniest guy in the  world, literally thousands of such comments. I am also known for my outrageous politaclly incorrect view point on FB where i have garnered on some posts over 75,000 views from live FB vids. If you know me i m a character, with a smart but often shocking and hilarious sense of humor and quick wit. I Ask you to look at the the Impractical Jokers video and judge for yourself: Kevin Caputo on Impractical Jokers or can also see the commercial they asked me to shoot a few months later becausei had "star" appeal: TV Commercial w/ me you can also look at my YouTube channel and see me raw and uncensored: Me message to Kathy Griffin and proof liberal women are ugly see some of the more mature live vids i post:  especially my last one: Death threats i am asking to take a look a the evidence and please sign this petition asking TRU TV to give me some sort of reality show... trust me, my life is a comedy of errors nd would make foir great TV. Please sign the petition and help me to get TRU TV to recognize the goldmine they have in me... Thank you Kevin Michael Caputo

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