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Petition to Ban ALL Temple/Begging/Blessing Elephants in India. Stop their Abuse and Torture!

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Temple Elephants: Holding and chaining living Elephants at temples IS torture and an abomination...Sunder the Elephant's story (who was rescued June 6 2014) is a prime example of the Temple elephant Plight...Handlers (mahouts) place Elephants in barbed shackles and chains so they can't move forwards, backwards or sideways. The temple elders allow this abuse, in addition to severe beatings by mahouts and starvation...These abused animals are then subjected to outrageous noise when the temples parade them out to "Honour and Worship" what ever god the elephant is representing...Just to have the Elephant put back into barbed chains and subjected to more abuse, torture and starvation after the ceremony is over. These elephants sway back and forth to comfort themselves and some say they are slowly going insane! AFTER YOU SIGN/SHARE THIS PETITION, Please also sign/share the petition below to bring Sunder Boys abusers to justice...

Travel/Begging Temple Elephants: (according to

Describing their function in captivity Begging Elephants are found in the Punjab, Gujarat and Maharashtra states of India in significant numbers. The Living conditions for these Elephants are characterized by one word: RANDOM...As they travel to beg, any available place is their shelter, food, water and rest is also purely based on availability and subject to work schedule. They usually live in social isolation, are trained using hooks (ankushes)and the threat of negative reinforcement. Most are females(India has very low regard for all things female)in the age group of 13-45 years. Animals aged more than 60 years are uncommon. One such Elephant named Purnima was the bread winner for her human family for 7 of her 14 years. One day in horrible health she fell over and died from begging from the public along busy road sides, being hired out to private functions or ceremonies, to provide “joy” rides. Her day would begin early in the morning and end only 12 hours later, having walked under scorching heat on tar roads to earn as much as possible. Food, water, rest were mere words in an unfamiliar language as her owner would choose to provide these when it was convenient to do so, if at all. She had to make do with scavenging off left-overs from hotels or that given by passers-by or devotees to supplement the cheap fodder given by her human owner. Water for bathing was unheard of, drinking to quench her thirst being of prime importance as it was given only when her owner desired to do so.Rest was not possible as any stopping of her work routine meant loss of revenue for her uncaring family. These are just two stories of the abuse of countless temple Elephants suffering the same fate.

This is an absolute abomination to all that is sacred and to the living elephants in temples who are reportedly being tortured and killed by the thousands across India...GOVERNMENT OF INDIA OUTLAW TEMPLE ELEPHANTS NOW!!! Arrest, convict and put in prison for life ANYONE who tortures Elephants...especially the corrupt temple elders, government officials and wealthy sadistic politicians who condone this abuse and actually block its prevention.

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