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PETITION: STOP Running of the bulls at Canterbury Park-Shakopee, MN

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A Running of the bulls event is being considered to take place at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN with a tentative date in May 2014. While nothing has been set in stone and no agreement has been made, Jeremy Olson of the Star Tribune writes in his article, published here in this link on August 5, 2013 ( that Shakopee Mayor, Brad Tabke said that he would "welcome the event". Please read his story for more details.

The Great Bull Run is a common practice in Spain, Mexico, Peru and other countries. It is a dangerous event for the thrill seekers and daredevils who choose to participate. It is also extreme cruelty to animals. Bulls are unleashed while the participants run from them to avoid being trampled and gored to death. At the same time, the crowd of spectators and participants scream to cheer them on.

Natalie DiBlasio, of USA TODAY states in her story that I encourage you to read; here in this link on August 3, 2013 ( “Bull runs are common in Spain and have proved to be dangerous. Dozens of people are injured each year in the San Fermin festival at Pamplona, most by tripping and falling. Bulls have killed 15 people since record keeping began in 1924. By participating in the run, you accept the risk that you might be trampled, gored, rammed or tossed in the air by a bull, or bumped, jostled, tripped or trampled by your fellow runners," the event website states. "We do what we can to minimize those risks by using less-aggressive bulls than those used in Spain and allowing runners to hide in nooks and climb over the track fence if necessary, but make no mistake: You could get seriously injured in this event."

To allow this type of event to take place in Shakopee or anywhere in Minnesota or the United States of America for that matter, needs to be banned and stopped before it starts. Making a profit in such a cruel and horrific manner by intentionally traumatizing and scaring these animals is unacceptable and dangerous. These bulls aren’t running from the willing participants because they’re having fun, they’re running because they’re surrounded by a mass crowd of people who are antagonizing them which in turn, creates extreme fear and the bulls are scared for their lives. Being frightened and in a situation like this, they have no idea what is happening and they don't know where to go or what to do. There natural fight or flight instinct takes over which in turn leaves them no choice but to defend themselves. It's chaotic madness and stressful for the bulls because people are screaming, chasing and running at them. It's intentionallly cruel to exploit animals and inflict fear in them for sport. If this is the kind of entertainment and thrill that people need to feel alive and have fun, it's no wonder why our society has so many problems. The answer is simple... No compassion for living creatures with a beating heart equals trouble at some point in time.

To support and encourage participation in a mock resemblance of a sport where bulls are speared and killed and allow it here in Minnesota and the United States of America is atrocious. We must do everything that we can to let our government and city officials know that we DO NOT support this and we DO NOT want this type of event to take place here. These animals are innocent and voiceless. They don’t have the option to decide whether or not they want to participate in this. Therefore, we must speak for them and be their voice.

Furthermore, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota is sponsoring this event which is posted on their website at the following link What example are we setting for our children by allowing this cruelty to take place? The children of today are our leaders of the future. As parents and role models, we must lead by example. For animal cruelty to end, the children of today need to learn now that this is unacceptable and we will not allow it. If we do allow it, when will cruelty to animals ever end?

Government officials, Mayors, City Council members, Canterbury Park and Childrens Hospital; we the people ask that you please reconsider allowing this event to be held here and we are requesting that it is not allowed to take place on any date or anytime in Shakopee or anywhere else in Minnesota.

Thank you for your time,

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