Petition Stagecoach to save the existing 15A bus service (Perth-Crieff-Stirling)

Petition Stagecoach to save the existing 15A bus service (Perth-Crieff-Stirling)

September 5, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kristine Scott

The Stagecoach bus company are looking to drastically reduce the 15Abus service (Perth -Crieff - Stirling) from 31st October 2022.

The proposed change is from a one hourly bus service to a two+ hourly one.

This will have a massive, detrimental effect on its large number of current bus users - not just local school children who use the bus for school. 

Upon phoning Stagecoach I was told it was a difficulty in recruiting bus drivers (not that the 15A service wasn’t viable, busy or being used). 

I am really concerned about the impact of the proposed bus cutbacks. For example, there will no longer be a single, timely bus running through our wee villages in order to get our children to Dunblane High School on time (a 15 min bus ride down the motorway from Braco). 

Currently, the 15A picks up Braco school children at approx 8 am. If the proposed timetable changes takes place, the Braco children must set off at either 6.59am or 9.20am. Hours early or unacceptably late! 

Ironically, the 8 am bus is always packed with *all ages* of travellers too - certainly not the bus to cull! This 8 am public bus services not only our school aged children but also commuters and elderly passengers. All ages will be affected by the cull. So many consider the 15A to be a lifeline service. 

[Similarly, the first bus home after school from Dunblane to Braco will be 5.37pm - not the current time of 3.58 pm. Another 1.5 hour long wait after a busy school day. Also another chop of a busy bus!]

Nicola Sturgeon recently issued Scottish children with a free bus pass (in part, to balance inequalities in getting to school).  The irony of the timing is not lost on our local kids.

Furthermore, in these austere times, we surely do not want to put more fuel-guzzling cars on the road in order to leave our wee villages (that is if you are fortunate enough to have a car).

These proposed cuts cannot be in line with Scot Gov’s vision on reducing climate change, nor with reducing social isolation within our rural communities. 

We simply want our 15a bus service to be kept as it is please Stagecoach. 

Please listen to your faithful consumers.

Please email your views to

Stagecoach until 12th September. 

Please share with friends / family too.  

With thanks!

K Scott, a concerned Braco mum 

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Signatures: 434Next Goal: 500
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