Petition: Panasonic to give the Lumix S1 a Flip-out Fully Articulating Touch LCD

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*UPDATE: Panasonic has recently announced the Lumix S1H, truly a phenomenal camera from the look of the image from a sample film and the specification are stunning with internal 6k at 24fps in a mirrorless camera body!

And of course, what brought me great happiness was to see that the S1H has a Flip Out, Fully Articulating Touch LCD from some of the photos seen!! Still yet to have official confirmation from Panasonic, but the photos and footage showing the back is incredibly promising. So grateful to Panasonic's consistent and continuous innovation in the world of digital filmmaking for people of every budget without compromising on the technology provided in any of them.
Thank you Panasonic!*

Dear Mr Yamane and Panasonic,

I have been a fan of Panasonic and their fantastic Lumix series for a few years. I own a Panasonic Lumix G85 and cannot fault it. They are in my eyes the only camera company offering so much for the user with an emphasis on making photography and filmmaking accessible to all. I am ever grateful to the engineers behind the Lumix G and GH series and thank you for your emphasis on helping aspiring photographers, videographers and filmmakers be as creative as possible through your excellent products.

For a bit of context, Panasonic created the first ever mirrorless camera the Lumix G1. 
Panasonic's cameras are famous for innovating in full sensor readout of DCI 4K up to 60fps internally, 10-bit 4:2:2 and excellent LOG profiles all internally, Multi-aspect ratio and Dual I.S.
And for offering high bitrate options for video and high framerates options such as 1080p up to 180fps, always expanding on ports such as microphone and headphone port and full size HDMI output and timecode IN/OUT, high readout dual card slots, rugged weather sealing, high-end Electronic Viewfinders, and for offering a flip out fully articulating touch LCD that is bright and easy to see in sunlight. There is so much more they offer and more many of my fellow Lumix users appreciate. Not to mention how reasonable their prices have been for both their camera bodies and lenses, decent pricing while still providing a tremendous amount.
Panasonic has always offered these things and still offers most of them. 

When it was unveiled that Panasonic was making two Full-Frame cameras and that they are partnering with Leica and Sigma, I was ecstatic, and still am. Everything about these new cameras looks and sound promising.

However, we have found out that the upcoming S1 and S1R will not have flip-out fully articulating touch LCD like the G9 GH5 and GH5S, it is unsure what the reasoning of this was. But many of us in the video world was surprised and confused by this, all we wanted was for the screen to be the same as the one offered in the GH5 and GH5S. 

And, I wish to emphasise strongly that we all absolutely love the upcoming S1 and S1R, we love everything about what these models will offer, the partnership with Leica and Sigma is exciting, the excellent weather sealing, dust, splash and freeze resistance, 4k up to 60fps on both the Lumix S1 and the S1R, the deep grip of the camera that makes it easy to hold, the button layout, Full size HDMI port for external recorders and monitors etc, Dual card slots with XQD and SD UHS-ii, the cameras have everything we want. The only thing we are asking if for the LCD to be a Flip Out Fully Articulating version on the S1.

(If there is a genuine reason why the screen is a 3-axis tilt LCD, I will accept, I want the screen to make as many users as possible happy, I just would like to know the reasoning behind this)

I am making this petition as a means of thanking Panasonic for their innovation and to ask them to reconsider the choice of the type of LCD monitor the upcoming Panasonic Lumix S1 will have. Specifically, the S1 as it is more for video shooters.
I am a huge fan of how Panasonic makes their cameras, they are high quality and never cut corners.

Kind regards,

Idin Aazami