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Removal of "Paddock Beauties" gallery from

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The photo galleries on are second to none. Spanning series from Formula 1 to Indycar to Superbikes and the NHRA, the galleries are the most comprehensive resource for fans who desire to look at photos of all their favorite race series.

The galleries have one glaring problem, however -- the inclusion of the "paddock beauties" sub-gallery. It's the largest collection of photos outside the catch-all gallery with every photo; it's also the second collection to appear when the main gallery is opened. Every major race series has a "paddock beauties" sub-category.

The purpose of this "paddock beauties" category is very clear: to reduce women to objects for men to look at. While the majority of photos are of grid girls, there are also photos of fans and women working at the track, usually with captions that do not acknowledge that those women are there to work or enjoy the race, not be objectified for the male gaze. Women drivers from race categories such as NHRA are included in this "paddock beauties" category as well, further ostracizing them and making a decades-old struggle for inclusivity even harder.

We are asking to remove this sub-gallery from their collection of photos. As avid motorsport fans, we use your galleries to marvel at the skill of your photographers in capturing the important aspects of a race weekend; the ability to do that without the objectification of women being pushed in our faces with every gallery we open is very important. It's 2017: with as many efforts as are being made to raise the profile of women in motorsports, the time has come to stop treating women as just something to look at.

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