PETITION: Federal Definition of Bestiality as Obscene and Federal Crime

PETITION: Federal Definition of Bestiality as Obscene and Federal Crime

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Started by Louis Terrance

There is NO FEDERAL LAW AGAINST BESTIALITY.  Federal authorities do not have the power to shut down bestiality pornography sites--because they can't.  Dogs are plentiful in America and since bestiality porn is so widespread, logic dictates so is the practice-the animals just can't report it.  19 States bestiality is entirely legal; the majority of the 31 States only have some kind of minor misdemeanor offense against humans having sex with beasts.

"The legality of zoophilia (otherwise termed bestiality) is not controlled from the federal level.  The only relevant federal law is the sodomy law under the military code.  This law provides that “[a]ny person subject to this chapter who engages in unnatural carnal copulation with  an animal is guilty of sodomy.”  10 U.S.C.A. § 925, 10 USCA § 925.  The penalty is derived through court martial.  However, as one might expect, the statute applies only to military personnel."

Please create a law to define bestiality as obscene to include its pornography widespread across America.  (Exception: Standard and acceptable veterinarian and farming practices.)  It is morally wrong for humans to rape animals (they can't give consent)-but also due to serious public health issues.

Men who had sex with animals in their lifetime were twice as likely to develop cancer of the penis as others. "A team of urologists from centers around Brazil co-authored the paper, which looked at risk factors for penile cancer in men who had visited 16 urology and oncology centers in 12 Brazilian cities." Men who had sex with animals also reported a higher incidence of sexually transmitted diseases." (Animals often carry STDs communicable to humans).


Bestiality is dangerous to society verified by FBI reports promoting violent crime, rape and murder.

FBI Study of murderers who rape and mutilate-linked with bestiality.

RAPE and KILLING: "As not all animals comply with the humans’ wishes and do not let sexual intercourse occur, it is frequently effected by using physical force..the results of this abuse are often grave injuries, even the death of the animal (Weidner 1972). It is sexually stimulating or even satisfactory for a person to inflict pain to an animal, to mutilate or even kill it..some are killed in the aftermath of the deed because of their disgust about their own actions (Muth 1969)."

Podberscek, Anthony L.; Andrea M Beetz; Anthony L. Podberscek; Andrea M. Beetz (2005-09-01). Bestiality and Zoophilia: Sexual Relations with Animals (Anthrozoos) (Kindle Locations 573-577). Berg Publishers. Kindle Edition.

"According to a study in Germany at the end of the 1960s, approximately 70% of all zoophilic acts were carried out in a violent manner (often zoosadistically, i.e., torture/snuff) (Weidner 1972)."
Bestiality and Zoophilia: Sexual Relations with Animals (Anthrozoos) (Kindle Locations 812-813). Berg Publishers. Kindle Edition. 

It is also reasonable to note in most cases where the animal is tortured or killed, is done behind closed doors, so percentages abused is most probably much higher.

Will eventually become human victims:

-"In the murderer sample, those offenders were more likely to have the paraphilia of zoophilia (i.e., bestiality) and to begin to experience rape fatasies..."the ultimate expression of his perversion is in the mutilation of the victim." Ressler, R.K.,  "Murderers Who Rape and Mutilate," JOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE, September 1986, page 89.

--The FBI found high rates of sexual assault of animals in the backgrounds of serial sexual homicide perpetrators. (Ressler, R.K. (1988). Sexual homicide: Patterns and Motives. Lexington, Mass.: Lexington Books.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition (American Psychiatric Association, 1994) classifies bestiality among the paraphilic disorders - deviant, forms of sexual gratification.
American Psychiatric Association (1994). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, Fourth edition. Washington, DC:Author.

The FBI says serial sexual homicide perpetrators commonly sexually assault animals.

--The FBI found high rates of sexual assault of animals in the backgrounds of serial sexual homicide perpetrators. (Ressler, R.K. (1988). Sexual homicide: Patterns and Motives. Lexington, Mass.: Lexington Books.

Alavarez, W. & Freinhar, J. (1991). A prevalence study of bestiality (zoophilia) in psychiatric in-patients. International Journal of Psychosomatics, 38, 45-57.


Does bestiality happen? Yes!: "The famous Kinsey reports found that around 8% of men and 3.6% of women reported a “sexual experience” with animals. This ranged from general body contact to cunnilingus performed by the animal, down the line to full-on penetration of (or, less commonly, by) the animal.  A full 8% of men reported having brought themselves to orgasm with an animal. Kinsey’s report, published in 1953, drew from extensive interviews with 6,000 individuals."  See  (note with farm workers the numbers are higher).

Bestiality including such porn is often tied with child pornography. If a person Googles web search simple terms as "bestiality," beastforum,  zootube,  "dog sex", "horse sex", "k9 sex",  or even "beast sex" a million returns depicting human engaging sex with some kind of animal all over the United States like a plague. Even teenagers are accessing, downloading, and sharing these materials with peer-to-peer software Contributing To The Delinquency Of Minors in all 50 States--is not part of free speech.--Gonorrhea and chlamydia still exists in livestock such as cattle (gonorrhea is actually a cow disease). With routine use of antibiotics as a growth stimulant and keeping animals alive in their own filth, it is more likely these sexually transmitted diseases are antibiotic resistant and can pass to humans through bestiality intercourse:  Including unknown viruses (HIV originated from chimpanzees).  Herpes B which causes deadly brain meningitis, came from monkeys, which shows no symptoms in them-but deadly to humans.  Humans can also get Brucellosis, Leptospirosis, Q Fever, etc.  In fact, gonorrhea has become a superbug resistant to antibiotic treatment. See "Spread of multidrug-resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae is a major public health concern."  (Note: Though they say HIV came from bush meat, I tend to doubt that because bush meat was around for centuries. People also keep chimps for pets, and if you knew anything about zoology, chimpanzees become highly, highly sexual once matured, and I find it disturbing how anybody would want that for a pet walking around with erections. That's how I believe HIV got introduced to the human population. [Chimpanzee male organ has spines on it too which can cause tearing of the rectum thus easy introduction of HIV into a human.]).

Current undercover investigations have revealed bestiality committed by farm factory workers; this is not new, even documented since Biblical times.  Kinsey sex reports have shown that 17% of farm workers have had sex with the animals.
The Internet also allows zoophiles to network, meet, exchange animal bestiality porn, and even have sex orgies with animals such as on Craigslist.

To illustrate how serious and ugly bestiality is, which the Federal government has allowed:

The book:

Beetz, Andrea M, and Podberscek, Anthony L., BESTIALITY AND ZOOPHILIA: SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH ANIMALS., International Society For Anthrozoology (C) 2005, pages 1998, see link:

"Practices that can be considered violent or sadistic include the insertion of objects into the anus or vagina of the animal, inflicting injuries to the animal or killing it. From case studies, there are reports of penetration of the cloaca of birds, mainly chicken or geese, which frequently led to death. Sometimes, men cut the throat of birds, choke the animal, or break its neck while sexually penetrating them; the contractions caused by the dying bird increase the sexual excitement for the perpetrator (Bornemann 1990). Necrophiliac tendencies have been revealed, too: Animals are killed in connection with sexual gratification, and the dead body is used for masturbation, or is mutilated or dissected.

"Bestiality can also be found in cases of domestic violence where women are known to have been forced by their partners to perform sexual acts with animals (Walker 1979 cited in Ascone 1993; Dutton 1992). In another extreme form, the torturing or killing of an animal may serve as practice or surrogate for the killing of a human victim-a sexual connotation can be involved...

"Some violent practices are performed with small rodents, such as mice or hamsters. Here, the animals are put into condoms or tubes and then inserted into the vagina or anus of the person (which the movement of the animal sexually stimulates them)".

SPECIES:  A common assumption is that mainly farm animals are involved in cases of bestiality. This is probably based on early studies (e.g., Kinsey, Pomeroy and Martin 1948) which showed bestiality  occurred most often in rural areas...Recent research (Beetz 2002; Miletski 2002; Williams and Weinberg 2003) shows that today, among samples of self-defined zoophiles, DOGS, not just females of large breeds but also males, are preferred for sexual relations. And from an Internet survey, Rosenbauer (1997) found that animals preferred for sexual relations were male dogs, followed by female horses, female dogs, and male horses.." UNQUOTE

Thank you for your time. I apologize this is long, but there is no way to condense such seriousness in a few lines as facts must be presented. Far too many believe bestiality rarely happens. 


10,385 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!