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PETITION: Ban exotic pets due to unnatural invasions, destruction of indigenous species and pandering perversions

Human unnatural fornication with beasts brings death and disease such as AIDS. People keep chimpanzees as pets because when these chimps get sexually mature they are promiscuous and have sex with their owners-and humans get the AIDS from chimps.

Far too many people purchase anacondas and pythons because they have sexual "crush" fetishes-they get off throwing a stray or "free to good home" cat or dog into the snake cage and watch it get crushed to death, is a form of sexual excitement. CRUSH  sexual fetish is a world wide epidemic.

People also dump these monstrous sized snakes and they are epidemic in the South. The Florida Everglades is full of them and killed off 99% of the wildlife including the Bobcat, and people also dump unwanted dogs and cats there so the snakes can crush and eat them up alive.

"Burmese Pythons are among the most deadly snakes in the world and kill by asphyxiating their victims - and swallowing dead prey whole. The warning has been sparked by a study from the U.S. Geological Survey which found that even newly-hatched pythons can survive in seawater for up to a month. " Companion animals are also a meal for these hideous snakes.

Pythons are wiping out Everglades mammals - all of them.

PETS dumped in the Everglades for snake food:

Please BAN all exotic pets and make illegal transport of them  including primates and monstrous sized snakes. Such sexual fetishes of exotic animals is a disgrace to the United States.



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