PETITION: Animal Cruelty Conviction paying surcharge for spay/neutering funding

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Per the ASPCA, it costs US tax payers over $2 billion dollars to run animal control every year, killing about 10 million cats and dogs annually.  Homeless and unwanted animals are subject to animal cruelty-nobody protects and looks after them.   To help curb this epidemic of abuse and save tax payers' money at all levels, if a person is convicted of animal cruelty they should pay a surcharge of no less than $200 (per charge) toward low cost and free spay/neutering programs;  the defendant must also pay for the cost of impounding and treatment of the abused victim.  This should be Federal law which States may choose to enact. The fees collected is to be distributed for low cost and free spay/neuter organizations in that State.  If a person doesn't like such fines, it is a deterrent to not abuse animals. Exceptions are STANDARD practices of hunting, fishing, veterinarian,  and farming, unless there is a conviction in a Court of law due to animal cruelty.  

Advantages: (1) This is of NO cost to tax payers; (2) every State across the nation will benefit from tax payers' savings.  (3) If a person wishes to avoid these surcharges, don't abuse animals (law enforcement savings).    It will benefit the entire United States of America and for a more loving, humane Nation-and saving money too!