Petition Against Compulsory Heritage Listing of Private Homes in Bayside

Petition Against Compulsory Heritage Listing of Private Homes in Bayside

5 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Lea Jaensch


What is it?

Bayside City Council has recently commissioned a consultant to conduct a heritage report on a large number of properties across the municipality, with a view to identifying homes for heritage controls.  The result of this process will have an immediate impact on more than 100 homes across Bayside and potentially more into the future.

Council advised that the basis of the current report is to target homes that were built in the post-war era (1940-1970s), however, any home that is more than 40 years old is eligible for assessment and compulsory heritage listing.

What will it mean?

The compulsory heritage listing of properties has significant implications for the people and families who own and live in these homes including:

  • significant infringement of their rights as property owners
  • additional restrictions on renovations
  • increased maintenance and insurance costs
  • loss of freedom to make changes to their own properties, beyond standard planning guidelines
  • reduced buyer market when/if they try to sell their property
  • significant reduction of value of their properties (largest asset)

What do we want?

We would like Bayside City Council to vote against the heritage proposal and adopt a voluntary scheme so people can choose to have their home included in the heritage listing.  This has been suggested and approved by Council in the past and is a vastly better approach.  This would enable Council and mid-century enthusiasts to take the community 'on the journey' and encourage those property owners who support the initiative to voluntarily offer their homes for inclusion.

How can you help us?

By signing this petition, you can add your voice and help us lobby Council against this unfair proposal.

If you would like more information, please refer to:


Would you want YOUR home to be heritage listed?

If the answer is no, you will understand the confusion, frustration and anger this process has caused the people whose homes have been targeted and added to the compulsory list.

If the answer is yes, contact Council and request they adopt a voluntary heritage scheme and request your home to be assessed for inclusion.

'We the undersigned hereby petition Bayside City Council to vote against the adoption of the Post-War Modern Heritage study as we object to the mandatory listing of private properties.  However we support voluntary listing'.

Want more information? Read on..

Dear Bayside Mayor and Councilllors

This is a petition by the owners, residents and other interested groups affected by the proposed heritage controls as outlined in the recent Bayside Heritage Report by GJM Heritage Consultants.

It has been widely acknowledged by both sides of Government, Heritage Victoria, The National Trust and Bayside City Council that the current Heritage Process as it stands is flawed and inequitable.  It is too subjective, has loose thresholds and places an unfair burden on homeowners.  As a result, Heritage has been included in the State Parliamentary Inquiry into Planning.  Due to COVID this has been paused, but will reconvene after the November election.

For Bayside City Council to subject homeowners to a flawed process/methodology is both immoral and unethical.  To knowingly use a flawed process when homeowners have so much to lose is beyond unconscionable. Bayside City Council should stop the study until the findings and recommendations of the Parliamentary Inquiry are completed. 

The signatories of this petition are concerned about the current Bayside Post-War Heritage Proposal and would like to strongly voice our objections on the following grounds:

  • The vast majority of homeowners impacted by this study are against their homes being listed in the proposed heritage classification.  With the proposed changes our rights as property owners are being limited and our hands are tied.
  • The significance of subject properties is questionable and the citations provided by the consultant, GJM, are not accurate.

The Bayside City Council Heritage Report and Proposal will place a significant unwanted burden on property owners.

It is not fair that affected property owners are burdened by reduced property prices and increased costs. The proposed heritage scheme does not compensate owners for this in any capacity.  We continue to pay Council rates that have increased significantly over the years, however, Council may still choose to make a decision that adversely affects us.

The future market value of our homes will not only stagnate (compared to non-heritage listed dwellings of the same era) but in reality, it will substantially decrease in value.  The pool of buyers will significantly diminish and, as home ownership is generally the largest investment each of us will ever own, so will our ability to plan and provide for ourselves into the future and in our retirement.

Heritage classification will also negatively impede and place unnecessary constraints to the upkeep of these properties. To complete a simple renovation to a Heritage listed property, will require owners to overcome numerous red tape checks and balances with relevant government bodies at additional cost, which is neither necessary or desirable.

Significance of subject properties is questionable, they are very basic, many run-down and the community at large is mostly oblivious to their presence. Many are not even visible from the street.

Many of the houses identified have undergone significant changes in their original character and street appeal by additions, remodelling/reconfiguration and extensive changes over the years.  This means they are not suitable for heritage classification.

The majority of original post war era houses were built with sub-standard materials, have not been well maintained and are in a state of disrepair and need extensive repairs.  The need for upkeep of some of these buildings would outweigh any known benefits from their conservation.

We challenge the accuracy of the report's citations.  The report does not state the houses have been inspected internally.  In addition to significant changes, many have water damage, drainage issues, contain asbestos, require new stormwater and draining systems and electrics.  Without inspecting the properties internally, it is impossible to accept the report's conclusion about the significance of these building.

The 'look and feel' of the post war era housing does not really have any strong weightage to protect this number of homes as there are similar post-war houses existing in many sections of Bayside and beyond.

There is a better way.  Voluntary schemes work, without angst and anger. Bring the community 'on the journey', rather than penalising a small percentage of people and removing their rights without consultation or choice.


Homeowners and Community Members Against the Compulsory Heritage Listing of Homes in Bayside



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Signatures: 448Next goal: 500
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