Take Back Peterborough New Rec Center Petition

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Peterborough is in desperate need for a brand new, modern recreational complex as there is a HUGE demand for ice time that the city cannot fulfill.  As a result many children and adults have to look outside of the city for availability and in some cases have to go without playing ice sports because they cannot find it.  As well as ice times, there is a demand for a new aquatics and fitness center and residents of this city deserve a facility that delivers these services for them as we all pay an enormous sum in taxes every year and get very little in return.  It is time for Peterborough to start listening to its residents and get this facility built!  This city has all kinds of money and resources available to programs that bring nothing positive into our city and always pushes athletes and their families off to the side.  WE THE PEOPLE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!

Do you think that Peterborough would benefit from building a Recreational Complex with multiple ice pads, an Aquatics Centre and Fitness Center?

Do you think Peterborough is spending its resources on programs that create more harm than good for its citizens?


This is the first step towards the changing our city and creating a place where we all can grow and prosper!