Ottawa Police to wear and turn on body cameras when responding

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A letter to Peter Sloly (Ottawa Police Chief) as to why he (and you) should support the implementation of body cameras in the Ottawa Police force. Please share this petition for a greater outreach.

Dear Peter Sloly,

The citizens of Ottawa understand and demand the need to hold police officers accountable for their actions. Ottawa is no stranger to police brutality (Timeline of police brutality in Ottawa) in the past and as a city we must work towards a fair and just policing system. One step towards this solution would be for officers to wear and turn on body cameras while on duty.

Benefits of body cameras would consist of...

  • better transparency/accountability
  • increased civility (citizen compliance)
  • footage can be used for training purposes
  • among other benefits... (Source: Link here from the United States via National Institute of Justice.)

The benefits of body cameras would bring Ottawa one step closer to eradicating police brutality in our beautiful city.

The Ottawa Police service last considered body cameras in 2016, when it was approved for a pilot project. With this fact in mind the residents of Ottawa that sign this petition ask you (Mr. Sloly) to implement body cameras into Ottawa Police as soon as possible.