Peter Dutton: Please don't tear my family apart

Peter Dutton: Please don't tear my family apart

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In just a few days, the Australian government will tear me and my son apart -- I cannot imagine having to say goodbye to him. He’s only 8. He’s been with me his whole life after his dad and I ended our relationship. His two older sisters will be devastated as well if we have to leave Australia.

My boy cries himself to sleep every night and having nightmares, knowing we will soon be leaving him behind.

I have lived in Australia for 11 years, work as an Assistant Nurse in an Aged Care facility, pay my taxes, comply with all Immigration’s conditions/law, but my application for permanent residency has only just been rejected after 3 years of waiting the result from the office of the Minister.  Now, I and my daughters are forced to leave the country. 

My Australian-born son can’t come with me because his father is Australian and has partial custody and care arrangement. The Family Court of Australia has ruled out that I will be his PRIMARY CARER due to domestic violence issues. I have raised him for 8 years and I love him more than words could say.

Please, I’m begging Minister Peter Dutton to let me and my son stay together. PLEASE DON’T TAKE MY SON AWAY FROM ME.